Halo infinite PVP sucks

Let us rank up in campaign for God’s sake like we could in the Master Chief Collection I don’t like PVP I hate PVP the energy sword and gravity hammer need to be removed until the OG shotgun is put back in the game


Multiplayer by itself is very fun IMO and I’ve enjoyed it a bunch.
Also, 343i isn’t going to add back the old shotgun.


Also, the energy sword and grav hammer are SUPPOSED to be OP


The Bulldog sucks balls the old shotgun wad the human counter to the sword and gravity hammer and had no business being removed 343 are idiots


Bulldog isn’t the only way to counter Hammer/Sword on the one map they’re prominent on (nor is it even available on that map either).


I would rate Halo Infinite’s campaign and multiplayer equally at a 5 or 6 out 10.

Nothing terrible but definitely nothing memorable.


Well I get killed every time it’s Bulldog against the gravity hammer oh and the gravity hammer still broken people are killing me with it when they’re not within range


What map?

Stop using the Bulldog against the Hammer then. Make use of equipment and/or better weapons for the situation.

It also doesn’t help when I’m getting killed with the gravity hammer when people are not within range

I believe that specifically got addressed and is being looked at.

But it doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to counter, evade, or reduce the likelihood of being killed by the sword/hammer now.

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I wonder why they wouldn’t add the old shotgun back, I do find it strange how they reduced the weapon pool and took out some serious legacy weapons.


Just play ranked. No hammer, sword only has half ammo.

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Who says?
It is in the files, not complete, but it is in there.

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If you don’t play multiplayer why would it matter if you ranked up or not?

Sword and hammer are easy to deal with BTW. More so if you notice them before they get close. Just need to get better at keeping tabs on surrounds so people don’t out smart you so much.

Maybe not as powerful as other shotguns in the franchise. It’s far from terrible…

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Idk man, I know it sounds harsh but I think you’re just bad lol

The Bulldog grows on you. I’m loving it now. Once you get used the (longer) range and it’s shoot / melee timing.

Of course, there is always a soft spot for the classic shotgun!

But I can see how the Bulldog works better in the sandbox.

And it’s all fun and games until the opposition get both the sword AND the shotgun.

The game flows better when there is one power weapon in play. You have to earn it and then use it to advantage.

I wouldn’t say it sucks, but it does needs a new team that actually knows PvP and what the word fun means.

They pulled a Bungie with D2 launched, that did this same nonsens. Over balancing things, better known as nerfing and calling it “balancing”.

Maybe I’m missing something but the Bulldog doesn’t counter them at all. It usually takes three shots up close to kill someone. By then you’re pancaked or mince meat. Unless, I’m misinterpreting?

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No the Bulldogs pretty terrible

Sometime the opposing team still gets both power weapons The Sword and Hammer when that happens the other team is pretty much screwed that is why I would just remove power weapons don’t have any weapon in the game modes that can kill in one shotr