Halo Infinite Promotions

I can pick up some cans when I head to the store this week If you want all the rewards ill need you to make a halo. rockstar account then. Also if you want all 4 rockstar rewards then google how to earn rockstar razorback it recommends making a specific type of account in order to get all 4 rewards without having to jump through hoops.

that would be very much appreciated bud :smiley:

ill look in to that now, thanks for the heads up

Thank you, i shall be grabbing my Rockstar in the morning to nab some goodies! (Both because of content and the fact i am currently awake at 3am)

ive just watched a video on it and set up an account thanks again for the heads up

Has anyone else seen the granular coating in game?

I’m asking cause I was very disappointed when I saw it. The photo during the promotion made it look like we were gonna have sugar on us like a sour patch kid. However in game there is no sugar texture just these very pastel colors.

Anyone else disappointed in that or how the other promotions resulted?

You can’t always trust what you see since things change

? whats the context here bud?

That’s kinda BS. What about us that Pre Order on Steam?

I was referring to Grizzlys post. Just to not always trust what you see since since companies and people tend to like to change things

ah gotcha bud

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I can pick a few up tomorrow since that’s when ill head to the store.


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