Halo infinite promotion changes

I wanted this forum to be a constructive review on how the promotion rewards look and what was presented.

The first promotion I noticed that was different was watchdog. It was advertised as this full bone white primary with metallic red secondary. In the game it’s changed to a more gunmetal gray primary but still the metallic red secondary.

Personally I am a fan of the change, I think it looks better than the advertisement.

Second promotion would be the granular skin.

Ill start by saying I was disappointed when I put this coating on. The photo during the promotion made it look like we were gonna have sugar on us like a sour patch kid. However in game there is no sugar texture just these very pastel colors.

I would love to hear why these changes were made.

Any other promotions change from what they were advertised? Put them in this forum so the community can discuss what we liked and disliked about them.