halo infinite promo codes

I have not been on here in forever I just got back on here the last few days. is there a thread or does anyone know if the promo codes are still going on? Like the butterfinger ones or whatever. I am so mad that i missed these fingers crossed I can still nab these. I know the figures ahve codes but the one i recently got said it was invalid maybe to early to redeem i do not know any help would be much appreciated!

A lot of the promos are over.
Oreo is going on (ends 2/28/2021), butter fingers is going on(ends 2/15/2021), snapchat ended I think, and monsters ened. Walmart’s promotion is over for sure (2x xp) you may just need to look up the promos and see if its over. The pops is still going on and the wct and megablox still going on ( I dont think it has an end date)
Also when you enter codes make sure to include (-)