Halo Infinite Progression is Abhorant

I can’t even begin to describe how disappointed I am with the “progression” system and the customization in this game. I understand you’re a company and you’ve released this game partially for free and you need to make money, but this is ABSURD. I am a huge Halo fan, have every achievement in every game besides the obscure ones, and I find this multiplayer to be the most fun and cleanest experience I’ve had in Halo… And yet after one day, I have almost no desire to keep playing.

First, the customization: everything in this game looks BEAUTIFUL. The art and designing teams did a phenomenal job crafting the different armors and coatings in this game. And while I hate the fact that we can’t just change our colors at a whim, I’ve accepted the coating system, because it looks terrific. However, the fact that specific coatings are locked into applying to specific armor cores is ridiculous. The fact that I paid $10 to get a cool coating from the shop (only because not a single coating in the Battle Pass impressed me) and can only apply not to a single core, but a SINGLE SET OF ARMOR is insane. I absolutely would not have purchased it had I known, and have now wasted my money. It now doesn’t matter how much cool armor I unlock in the future, because I will never be able to customize anything with this coating, because it’s locked to a “kit”. And general, the entire “armor core” and “armor kit” system is to completely denounce player choice of customization in favor of maximum profit and removing player flexibility. And I see the appeal of the armor kits, I do. It’s really cool to press a button and look like Jorge, or Emile, or Carter. But you know what would be way cooler? Unlocking all those pieces on my own and creating that image with armor I worked hard to get. Or seeing what Jun would look like with a different color pallette. Or using Emile’s shoulders with Jorge’s chestplate and an ODST helmet. All things that were present 11 years ago in Reach, and all things that have now been removed. It honestly leaves me nauseous with how shallow this system is.

And speaking of shallow systems, let’s talk about the Battle Pass. Firstly, in my opinion, it is absolutely worthless without buying the premium pass. And I mean WORTHLESS. Without spending the $10, a player can hope to earn: 3 Nameplate Backdrops, 4 Visors, 5 Coatings, 2 Stances, 3 Chestplates, 1 AI Color, 1 AI Model, 2 Shoulder Pads (which is actually just 1 matching set of pads), 2 Helmets, 2 Helmet Attachments, and 1 Wrist Accessory. Oh, and let’s not forget the 40 Challenge Swaps offered for free. So in total, a player can hope to earn 26 cosmetic items out of a total of 166 possible rewards. And that’s assuming a player finishes the Battle Pass, which without spending money, is literally going to take months.

Is it really going to take months? Well let’s see. On day One I have put about 9 hours into the Multiplayer. I got about 5.5 tiers into the BP with no boosts. I got almost every Weekly Challenge on DAY ONE, and got the Daily Challenge to 14, so I now need to win games to get Exp. And of those weekly challenges, I rerolled 2 of them, one where I had to destroy an air vehicle with another air vehicle, and another where I had to destroy enemy Wraiths, of which to my knowledge none currently exist on these maps. Assuming I play more this week and get the Daily Challenge more, I expect to reach around tier 8-9 of the BP. With 8 tiers on average per week, we’re looking at about 3 months worth of play.

And what happens when I max out the pass? Nothing. I get no progression whatsoever until another one comes out. Absolutely pitiful. And all this is forgetting to mention that the Daily Challenge, the thing meant to primarily progress you through the BP because clearly the Weekly’s are not, will actively penalize you for extended playing, constantly increasing the required amount of effort in order to gain the same amount of Exp. At this point, if I’m having a bad day and lose 20 games in a row, well that’s 20 games where I’ve literally not progressed in ANY facet because the challenge now requires me to WIN games. I understand your goal is to stagnate players enough to want to spend money on the BP, but to me this is just encouraging me to not play the game at all. I don’t feel like I’m being rewarded for my efforts, and I don’t feel like I’m working towards anything. I’m just playing the game to play it, and after about a week or two, I’ll likely be putting it down for something else.

In short, please give us some form of progression outside of this Battle Pass. Please increase the rate at which we can progress through the Battle Pass. Please let us customize our Spartans how WE want to, and actually give value to the items your unashamedly selling us. And please let us make our own emblems again. I’ve been rocking the same emblem for over a decade, but now I can’t because everything’s predefined, and I hate it.

As a devout and concerned fan, please 343i, please give me a reason to keep playing this game, because I truly believe it has the potential to be the best in the franchise, just not in the state it’s in. Thank you.


Valid, Game should be more like Halo 5.