Halo infinite preview feedback

Halo Infinite preview feedback
Good morning! First of all I thank 343 industries for inviting me to the preview of Halo infinite, therefore here is my feedback about the preview
of Halo infinite:
-Premise, I am italian and my english is not the best, so be patient XD.

-Second premise it would be cool to evolve the Spartan company system, making it more personalized in game.

The concept is fantastic! Very nice the idea of ​​showing your custom Spartan and your friends waiting to fight in the background.
It is an idea that I really liked.
Of course the songs are great, both the old masterpieces and the new tracks.
My advice is that, in the background, it would be cool the spartan company banner.

  • Customization menu.
    Nice transaction from the main menu to the customization menu, that is, it takes you to another sector of the base where you can customize your Spartan, weapons and veihcles.
    Cool to see that the moment you wait in the main customization screen, it shows the objects you have customized from various angles.

-armor menu.
I loved the fact that now I can modify many pieces of the armor, creating a lot of possible combinations, which I can’t wait to try!
So, since there will be “infinite” combinations (Sorry for the joke XD), my advice is if you can make the function for the player to do different customization sets.
As for the new color system, I like the idea but I don’t know if it will be a good alternative to the old custom color system.
I still don’t have enough material to judge.

  • Weapons menu.
    Very cool is interesting. Funny how the Spartan admires his own weapons.

-Menu Vehicles.
Cool presentation and the idea of ​​customizing the vehicles.

-Menu body and A.I.
Being able to change the body of your spartan and the possibility of giving him prostheses from every part of the body or only from some parts
are news that I really apprecieted.
I hope there will be different types of prostheses in the future.
I would really like Kat’s arm. It is slender, with a piece of armor on his hand and with screws which move in various points of the arm.
A.I. It sounds interesting but I couldn’t see what it means its customization in gameplay.

  • Settings menu.
    The settings are very detailed and customizable.
    I’ll be honest, for the amount of things there are, I don’t remember everything about it, but this is a positive point, not a bad.
    I love that you the possibility of being able to change the sensitivity of different types of zoom of the weapons.
    With that, the gameplay is more personalized.


-Presentation before the start.
First of all, the presentation of the Spartans is very nice.
I think the poses can be customized in the future.
My advice is that if the squad is full of members from the same spartan company, you can see their banner behind.

-Armor colors and enemy ally HUD.
The fact that the HUD shows the enemies with a red silhouette and shield and the allies with blue, is nice, but in my opinion, in terms of reaction and visibility I prefer the old system where everyone has a definitive armor color at the expense of color customized.
My advice is that if 2 spartan company meet, they can use their own
custom spartan company shader, a bit like their own team uniform.

  • Assault rifle and Magnum.
    Between the 2 the choice has always been in favor of the magnum, for me, in the multiplayer of the old Halo, but now I’m happy to write that finally I can use both of the starting weapons.
    The assault rifle is powerful at both close and medium range which makes it a good weapon and no longer second to the Magnum.
    This does not mean that the Magnum is useless.
    As for efficiency I say that they are finally equals.

-Gravity hammer.
It is a heavy weapon even for brutes and its animation is good to be slow, but I think the normal melee animation should be much faster than it is now.
Unfortunately the slam pushes enemies away which makes them even more difficult to kill if still alive.
My advice is to give it 2 peculiarities.
The first one is that if enemies are pushed away from the slam, they can take damage if they hit a wall, which makes it a strong melee weapon in closed places but weak in open places. An example is the ODST killed by the chieftain in one of the Halo 3 trailers.
It can be an interesting balance.
Second one, the possibility that if the gravity hammer is used while in high jump, it can slam to the ground and wipe out enemies around.
With those I think it could be good alternative to the plasma blade (which if it likes Halo 5, it increases the spartan’s movement speed when holding it) or other weapons for the short distance.

Maybe I’m the one who didn’t quite understand his new mechanic, but I think it needs some help.
With difficulty I can hit the nearby enemies with all the projectiles and if there are more than one, I can hardly survive since it takes at least 2 hits to kill or 3 or more with missed shots.

Sprinting feels very slow and it is difficult to reach an enemy while moving away, especially with a melee weapon.
The slide is good and it would be cool if it lasted a whole downhill.

Map gadgets are a good alternative armor abilities.
For what I saw there were a few in the preview but I hope there are more varieties and the one who had the idea of the grapple is a genius.
It allows you to use your imagination, such as grabbing weapons on the fly, moving fast, hooking to enemies, etc.
I don’t know if it’s a balancing act, but the enemies above and the enemies below are marked with the same symbol.
Honestly, I prefer it like on Halo Reach where if it is above or below it would indicate with 2 different symbols.

  • Maps.
    The Live Fire map is very nice and I like the concept, which shows a training path.
    Recharge is nice, balanced as the grappling hook is on the opposite side from the super weapon spawn.
    I loved Bazaar!
    I really liked the secret passage in the ventilation and the grate that breaks waking bats.
    I’ll be honest, I felt like Batman XD.
    I especially loved the reference to the New Mombasa city.
    The space elevator, in the background, destroyed by the prophet of regret after he made the hyperspace jump.
    It means that in that moment we are in the events of Halo 3 ODST before the city was vitrified and perhaps shortly after the mission “nature reserve” in which we use the ODST Dutch to lead a battalion of Marines with the Warthog to the enemy ZA. Stupendous! These Easter eggs are what it takes to resurface memories.

This was my feedback. I’m very happy for being invited and I can’t wait for Halo infinite to come out.
Thanks again to 343 industries for inviting me to this preview and for the hard work you are doing for the players. See you on Halo, Spartans!