Halo Infinite - Points system and Screen clutter feedback

What are the points for in Infinite? It feels like unnecessary screen clutter at the moment.

Currently, the game shows the medals stacked vertically next to the reticle + you killed X, but it also shows that you killed X on the killfeed. Why is that duplicated on the screen? Also, what do the points mean? They don’t contribute to ranking up, so are they just superficial scoring numbers right now?

In my opinion, the medals should be moved back over the killfeed and displayed horizontally (Ex. H2, H3, H:Reach, H4) and the points removed from on the screen alongside the duplicated “you killed” text feed. It would make the screen look less cluttered and more visually pleasing.

Does anyone agree or disagree?

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Agreed. To add, the personal killfeed next to the reticule is extremely redundant when the global killfiled is in the same quadrant of the screen.

To be honest, the whole UI is a cluttered mess. Everything from the UX to the HUD is poorly designed.

I’ve given up on this topic. Every release I complain about this issue, and it’s never been taken seriously. 343 has a huge problem with clutter and overdoing things that really don’t need to be changed. From the sounds to the menus to the HUD to graphics.

We have head shot sounds, head shot markers, kill sounds, kill markers, hit sounds, hit markers, points, kill feed, objectives, objective call outs, power ups, power up call outs, Announcer call outs, AI callouts, shield bars, shield sounds, little hexagon shield animations for recharging, little hexagons in the HUD for hits, energy outlines for teams. It just too many redundant things that could all be streamlined.

Unless there is a point based gametype that I haven’t played yet, I see no reason for a point feed for kills and assists.

Edit: Lol I guess I haven’t given up on it. As a designer the clutter and redundancy kinda grinds my gears.


I will die on this hill with you. It is information overload all game long. Its tiring tbh. I know we aren’t the only ones talking about it. I see it all over twitter and Reddit, but its getting lost in the customization/BP discussions.

The gameplay is so good for the UX/UI to be so bad. Its frustrating.

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As with all things 343, its 3 steps forward, 43 steps back.