Halo Infinite Player Outlines, HUD, and more

Hey there halo friends and 343,

Not sure how many agree on this here, but I would find the game would benefit from having the classic Red vs Blue armour colours return to multiplayer instead of the glowing effect. While it can be advantageous to see your enemies glowing bright like the north star in the distance, it can also be quite comprising for those of us who enjoy sneaking behind enemy lines. Another thing for me personally is the HUD. I miss having the visual elements of the ammo clip tally as I am someone with a learning disability who is strongly oriented towards visual learning. Another item on my list is not being able to collide with friendlies. I would definitely love to see this return if that’s acceptable by the majority of the community. I would also like it if other items like dropped weapons and grenades didn’t glow either. It makes it difficult to enjoy the games art and textures with all the flashy lights on Spartans and weaponry. On Fraga it also looks like they’re about to explode when the dropped ones glow and it throws me off lol. Lastly, adding something of a melee lunge would be a doing many players a solid. With the movement being what it is, it’s much harder to smack your enemies.

Thanks for the flight access, it’s been awesome :fire: