Halo Infinite Penalizes New Inexperienced players

Let me preface this by saying, as a Halo Veteran who started playing back when Halo CE released, that I really love Halo Infinite and think it is a stellar achievement for 343, so great work and congratulations to the team and all affiliate developers.

Having that been said, I came to the realization today that Halo Infinite’s Progression System in regards to Customization is penalizing young/inexperienced players.

The current system of using skill based challenges that are locked behind a paywall called the Battle-Pass is strictly geared entirely towards people who are:
a) in possession of pre-existing skillsets with regard to the game mechanics
b) in possession of a form of payment

A personal example:
My young son is extremely into gaming right now (probably my fault as it’s an interest we share greatly). Halo Infinite is a game that he is super excited about and plays as often as possible. He is however very new to this style of game and therefore lacks a lot of skill. He tries very hard and is progressing, but still has trouble being very successful in even simple games like Bot Battles. When he does achieve something it lights up his entire body and he just HAS to “tell Dad”. It’s a alot of fun seeing this excitement.
The excitement quickly fades to shear disappointment however when he realizes that for all his hard work, that the few armour pieces and coatings he has collected are still locked behind a paywall. No matter how much he plays, he will always be stuck with a generic looking Spartan. It takes the wind out of his sails a little.
I have the financial ability to purchase the Battle-Pass for him, but that made me think about those who DON’T have the ability to buy every person in their household that plays Halo Infinite a Battle-Pass.
The challenge system also is another place where he gets discouraged from playing this game. His skill level is not strong enough to ‘Kill 20 enemy Spartans with headshots’ or ‘Earn a cumulative score of 2000 is Ranked games’ as when outside of Bot Battles he rarely stands a chance. He reads these challenges and then his head sinks and he shuts off the game.
Some might say the old “Just get better” and I’m sure he will eventually, but not if he ends up becoming so discouraged by any feeling of achievement and progression that he decides that Halo is not a franchise worth investing his time into.

There should be basic armour sets and coatings that players can unlock just by completing matches, like pretty much EVERY Halo game in history. Or an in game currency that is collected by completing matches and building in game skills (like double kills, triples, no scopes, ninjas… Etc) so they can purchase at least some in game content without Battle-Pass. Allow new and inexperienced players to have at least basic customization abilities to keep them feeling like the game is worth sticking to, so that as they develop their skills, they can feel confident enough to complete challenges and progress in the game and warranty the purchase of a paid section of the games customization.

I really don’t like the thought that there are most likely many more young players out there like my son who feel like this game is denying them the fairness and equality that all kids so desperately want at that age in life.

I hope that there is at least a consideration towards this post. I’m sure I haven’t stated all the points I wanted to make, but this has already become a longer excerpt than some of the short stories in Halo Evolutions.

Thanks again for producing a Halo game with the perfect balance of nostalgic connection and new era mechanics. It has been a delightful experience so far, minus a few issues that I’m sure you are aware of.


Completely understand how he feels. I was dreadful at Reach Multiplayer, until about the last six months before Halo 4. Prior to then, I played Firefight and the Campaign, and playing either allowed me to progress. I could get credits, and change how my Spartan looked, as well as increase my rank. This is sorely missing in Infinite.

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