Halo Infinite [PC] Version Concerns

Hello Halo fans,

A quick background for context, I am a long time gamer of all games to include Halo. I’ve played every Halo game more or less since CE. I was actually massively into the competitive Halo 2 and 3 scene during those years and remember it to be my favorite time spent gaming, in any game, EVER. As I have aged, I started to gravitate more towards PC gaming for a variety of reasons. Having not enjoy Halo 4 or 5 a whole lot, finding out Halo Infinite would be on PC peaked my interest. I’m extremely excited for the game, however I do have some concerns.

I recently was able to play all the old Halos again, due to the PC release of the MCC. The nostalgia was awesome and I enjoyed loading those old favorites up again. However, playing the game with a keyboard and mouse, was definitely different from what I expected. I mean, of course, right? I played the originals on controller. Without going too in-depth into MCC, the keyboard and mouse experience for those games as mediocre at best and often times outright bad. Now I understand they were designed exclusively for Xbox, but that brings me to Halo Infinite.

Having been announced for both Xbox and PC, I would hope to assume that PC development will get as much love as console. However, due to the success of Halo largely being tied to console, and thus controller, I am skeptical the PC side will get as much love as it should. Does anyone else here share my concerns? Anyone else a a former controller/console player now keyboard and mouse/PC? Is there any information/blogs/posts/videos/interviews regarding PC development?

My fear is that, Halo Infinite will follow other cross-play titles in failure such as Gears of War 4/5, and Call of Duty. (These just don’t play as well on Keyboard and mouse and the PC player base is very small or “Dead”). I honestly believe the success of Halo Infinite will depend more on the success and quality of the PC side than people want to admit. Because of that opinion I was hoping there is more information out there regarding the PC development side.

Thank you!

we wont know until we get there.

What do you mean by K&B being bad? I love how the Halo games feel on it. Only issue I have are the vehicles turning speed. That is kinda annoying.

On optimistic side of things, it does seem like they’re using MCC to try and figure out what works well and what doesn’t on pc.

On the more pessimistic side though, even when they receive feedback to stuff, they don’t seem to care about what works well and what doesn’t on pc.

we wont know until we get there.

Have you tried using a controller?

I was surprised no one talked about the aim assist that is stronger than other games like fortnite or COD. I also played lots of Halo then switched to PC after Halo 4. Being back on MCC on mouse keyboard is difficult because average player will 4 burst you unless you have very good tracking. I switched back to controller and have to say it’s well more enjoying. Although, there are certain cituation where mouse keyboard is better for pure aim, like campaing, vehicules (banshee is broken on mouse) low TTK mode like SWAT. So I also have concenrs on how they will handle aim assist and controller VS mouse on Infinite, the complaits will come sooner or later.