Halo Infinite PC Hit Registration

ahh yeah I know that one. Id get your friend to look up issues about it on pc. One big thing is that if youre on pc and use your keyboard to talk to people the game will think youre on MnK even when youre on controller. I forget how to fix it but I do remember a video on youtube about fixing it. Tried linking the video but im not allowed :C
its called "Issues with controller on PC halo Infinite? Watch this video! (aim assist fix)

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I just got my tickect back from 343. I was right, there is a problem with PC hit registration. I assume they didn’t want to say anything. So when they fix it, PC players are going to get reported on for cheating because they are landing their shots. PC players right now are only hitting like 50-75% of their shots on hit scan… Just wait till we are able to hit all of our shots. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for being persistent with this, maybe this would have come to light later than they wanted, maybe not. I would like to believe they were already on this but… thanks mate.

I had a feeling, because I would get destroyed by Xbox controller players with a BR or Needler in a single second, but I’d empty all my ammo on them and they live. There were also a lot of challenges that were not counting for me on PC. Glad this is confirmed and being fixed.

There is less aid on PC even if you’re using a controller in most games because people will controller spoof.

The engine isn’t hit scan as far as I’m aware, you have to lead your shots.

There is shot queue once in a blue moon, most noticeable on the commando and to a lesser extent on the sidekick. When you’re using throttle control it’s really obvious.
i.e. a warthog drives past you with your Commando equipped, you hold fire, then feather, rapidly reducing the rate of fire as the target moves away
When a hang up occurs (not sure if strictly client side or server) there might be a slight delay followed by your later shots suddenly bursting all at once.
At least according to friends I was playing next to, they didn’t notice anything strange besides my aim being way off for a moment

So if there is some sort of micro stutter or something, maybe that’s a concern.

Which typically I target FPS well clear of my monitor. So with my 165hz 1440p in Siege I tune to 220-240fps.

Where as with Infinite I dump the 165 OC and stick to 144hz and cap at 165fps no scaling.

I’m tempted to try shooting higher and leaving uncapped, but I have a feeling this engine won’t like this.

That all said, I would say yes most people are just missing more, but I wouldn’t rule out a tiny bit of jank here and there.

There is absolute zero magnetism, it’s impossible to win a medium range gun battle with a console player because of aim assist. I really hope they look at the data and see how -Yoink!- hard this for PC players

That is exactly what they did

If you look at the perfect shot data, console players will probably have a 2-1 advantage. It’s almost impossible to get perfects with a mouse

I have noticed since my PC is a little on the weaker side, that even with my medium low ish settings, some maps will drop framerates and stutter and in those games with microfreezes and whatnot I will sometimes lose a melee trade in a way that made no sense…

Like for instance, I will shoot and then melee someone, hear the melee sound hitting, but then not only do they kill me, I also did no damage since their shield is still not shimmering from being popped, so my melee did not register at all (almost like the input was eaten by lag, potentially just a dropped packet)…

I don’t notice this as much with bullets tho, regardless of what input method I use… but with melee it’s defs very clearly noticeable…

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I put a video on YouTube about exactly this. I haven’t played it enough on Xbox to know if it’s only on PC but there has been some really wonky hit detection for sure.

I would also keep in mind that Nvidia hasn’t released any game ready driver yet if you’re on a green boi. (Although I see Experience is updated)

Obviously AMD is partnered with them on this given AMD has been making chips for PS5 and Xbone since Jaguar IIRC. So AMD optimizations might already be in game, but AMD is also pretty open about stuff like this.

So I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s improvements right around launch.

Still runs better than Warzone ever has

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Thank you for putting a ticket in, I knew something was off.