Halo Infinite PC Aiming Feedback

This will be a few complaints and suggestions to improving the experience for PC players. Why should you care, 343? Halo Infinite on PC (using Steam’s numbers) has a lower population than games like BF1 and other titles which were released years ago. Here’s a few things to do to make this game better for PC players because right now it’s a struggle to play this game on PC, I’ve not played much in the new season because it’s still a rough experience on PC. (Note: This isn’t a rage feast between MKB or controller, this is purely for the overall PC experience but some of these issues are endemic to MKB but won’t affect controllers)

  1. Add back red reticle for PC. It’s an important tool for players to know when they’re going to land a hit. Can we play without it? Sure. However, the level of feedback without it makes playing a fast-paced shooter very difficult and hard to learn because we have no way of telling what counts as a hit without red reticle. The excuse that it will let people cheat doesn’t justify removing this feature for a subset of the population. Controller users on PC have no feedback when their aim assist and magnetism are activated, MKB users have no way of telling which degree of glancing shot counts as a hit (it’s impossible to learn finite measurements and habits while playing without this feedback)

  2. There’s very noticeable input lag with MKB. Sometimes aiming in this game feels like I’m trying to move my reticle through mud and it doesn’t correspond to the motions I’m making with my mouse. This makes using precision weapons very painful as you’re fighting an uphill battle to get your cursor on target and the muscle memory players have built from previous games doesn’t work because of the input lag. I hopped back into MCC (which I measured to have the same aiming settings as Infinite) and I could aim much better there, it felt normal. Playing Infinite with this input lag makes it unbearable, no matter how well I can aim, it’s inconsistent whether I hit or miss and consistency is an important trait of gameplay.

  3. Remove the negative aim assist for MKB and give aim assist back to the controllers when hip firing with the snipers. I get how you wanted the snipers to be a precision weapon, however putting artificial limitations on the weapons to pigeonhole their use makes the game less fun. Even more so, the feeling from the negative/no aim assist on either input is very jarring and creates an inconsistent aiming experience, which is bad for reasons above.

I hope you’ll fix these. You say you’re listening to feedback but I don’t see you acting on common issues the player base has. You have the time to remove skill jumping from all the older maps but don’t seem to be addressing core problems with the game that will plague the game regardless of whatever fancy maps or content you release. It’s a bad experience playing this game on PC and I can’t work up the motivation to play this game even though I love Halo, and it’s all down to those gameplay flaws.


I’m a PC controller player but I definitely agree about Red Reticle.

I believe a community manager said that it wasn’t important enough to give it to PC players while hacks are so rampant. If it really is so unimportant, they should just take it away from everyone… but I’m sure then the majority would speak out against it.

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I don’t know how you even manage on a controller without it. MKB it’s bearable, like a bad itch.
It’s an important piece of feedback for players that’s essential to let people know that they’ll hit what they’re aiming at. Feedback is important so players can feel tuned with the gameplay.
You’re right that they’re lying, but the PC player base is so small they probably don’t care enough to put their money where their mouth is.

This game feels absolutely awful to play next to its contemporaries, my last Xbox was a 360 so after Halo Reach I’ve been MKB pretty much ever since and Infinite is the first time in all these years I’ve ever felt both uncomfortable and at a disadvantage for using my mouse.

I played through season 1 doing OK and feeling OK about it but with LSS in season 2 I quickly realized I had no chance in games where things like sidekicks rule the sandbox. After learning the bumper jumper config and getting over no red reticle I’m hit with the annoying fact that I have 0 clue when and why my aim assist kicks in, but more often than not it feels like I don’t have any even when I launch my game without a mouse and keyboard plugged in. Aiming in general needs a long second look.

Halo MCC had a pretty nice feel on MKB, it felt modern and how it should feel.
Infinite aiming feels unpolished and poorly executed.
I don’t have the patience like you did to learn controller without a red reticle,