Halo infinite overall feedback

So I’ve played halo since I was like 3 years old back on combat evolved and I’ve seen how halo has progressed and changed over the years. Halo infinite runs pretty smooth for me on my Xbox series s and I have a lot of fun playing it. So far the biggest problems for me that are gameplay related are the vehicles need new balancing bad. One grenade after boarding should at the very least kill the driver. All the vehicles feel overall weak I don’t know if it’s that the weapons do too much damage or if the vehicles actually have too little health. The banshee feels like it does almost no damage. There’s times where my melee won’t work against other Spartans. You’ll hear the melee hit but it does no damage. We need a better way to progress the battlepass as well. I can get all my weekly challenges done in a couple hours and then I’m left getting 50 xp a game. The battlepass itself I have several issues with. There’s a bunch of armor being left out of it that really should have made it in. It would also be nice if we could earn our credits back from the battlepass in order to get the next one. The “free” event is my last gripe as you earn pretty much nothing from it. You get one armor core a helmet, one set of shoulders and a belt thing. This so called free event has multiple armor pieces related to it locked behind paywalls. Overall I enjoy the game but it definitely needs changes. More game modes would be nice I’ve heard that this is considered the full multiplayer release but I’m really hoping we get more modes on the 8th.