Halo Infinite on Series S

Can you guys please re-optimize Halo Infinite for Series S. The graphics look so blurry and I can barely play the game because it just looks so weird. When the first flight test came out, it was 1440p but now it’s 1080p all around and It just doesn’t look right on my tv. Please re-consider optimizing the game for Series S.

The games not blurry though… like at all, are you sure you haven’t put your settings to 360p lol

? I’m playing on series s & it’s really crisp.
Play around with different graphics options etc

One thing that may help, in the settings there is a sharpness slider, maybe adjust that and see if it helps?

Also, its 1080p. Of course its not gona look as sharp at 1440p. Maybe down the line when they drop support for the xb1 gen systems the series systems will get an update when we get campaign expansions.