Halo infinite on pc is very choppy compared to series x

I recently have been halo infinite on both my pc and series x and have come to discover that halo infinite doesn’t run that well on pc. Before you say its related to my specs or framerates being low, its not. I have a 3070, a ryzen 7 3800xt, and 32gigs of ram. On pc it runs at a solid 100 frames, and very rarely goes below that. Despite this however, the series x running at 60 fps, it looks much smoother. Im not sure whats going on here, however this is something I believe 343 should look into.

I dont know how you do it through MS, but I found that if you disable the high res texture pack (nearly 10 extra gigs, enabled by default) pc performance becomes much better. On steam it’s in the properties/manage game settings.

Yeah i did that and my game plays fairly well but sitll has some choppy moments i think that’s more down to netcode than my computer.

I don’t think its related to my actual fps, but I’ll try it without that later and see if it makes any difference

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Hope it works!

The problems I was haging before I changed thay setting wasn’t a normal lower framerate, but just like .5-1 second of framed that I would occasionally skip. Sometimes in the heat of battle which is just the worst.

I have a 6700xt. On multiplayer I get a pretty solid 90fps but campaign swings wildly between 60 and 120. It’s jarring cause it’s not consistent. Also random frame skips. The game just wasn’t optimized for PC at all.

might just be:

  • porting issues
  • 343 having to make a game for lower end and higher end pcs along with the trash of xbox
  • 343 not caring enough about it because of the transaction shop

just spit balling possibilities here