Halo infinite on mouse and keyboard

I just know if the halo was even a little good on the mouse and keyboard the game would be so much more popular but as time goes on I just feel that 343 put halo infinite on pc just to say its on here and give mouse and keyboard no chance as an input. I know that controllers have a disadvantage against mouse and keyboard users but to make the input that most people on PC would rather use useless because of how strong controller input is compared to mouse and keyboard. I play Halo infinite at a pretty high level competitively and I am forced to play crossplay because there is almost no one else playing on a mouse and keyboard because they would rather play a game they have a chance with the input they want to use.

I love halo infinite no matter how much work it needs but I can’t play because everyone who touches a controller on halo becomes a god at aiming. The game leaves almost no room for human error on the controller because of how much the aim assist makes the little corrections making the mouse and keyboard almost impossible to win with, especially due to the movement and how they don’t have to think about another person strafe because aim assists adjust for the smaller movement whereas mouse and keyboard its all up to the player. So it all makes the “Pros” and what they are capable of doing less spectacular because I don’t know how good they would be if the assisted input was not so strong. I just love halo so much and if this continue they might as well just not support mouse and keyboard because its just a disadvantage.


What’s wrong with Mouse and Keyboard for this game? That’s all I use and I haven’t really had any issues with it…

For stuff like aim assist though for controller. You have to take into consideration that the majority of this franchises followers are console players. It started off as a console only game and with a few exceptions, only has been on the PC a few times.

They can try to find tune it, but they’re always going to cater to consoles first. Other wise they run the risk of losing the bulk of their fans, and thus risk losing majority of the games income.

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if you try and play at a higher level in ranked you will realize that cross play is and I definitely understand that controller is what has always been used in this game I been playing halo since combat evolved but not everyone on PC wants to use a controller when all they use is mouse and keyboard so to be forced into it and I’m not saying to turn off aim assist just it needs to be known that because of how the game is its much harder on mouse and keyboard.

why bring it to PC and try and grow and expand the player base if your gonna force everyone to use a controller not everyone wants to do that and are even willing to. so the player base may never grow from what we see because not everyone is willing to make that change or even want to it will always be just another Xbox game that happen to be on PC at this point. that’s like a call of duty being only catered to controller users they would not be as successful.

Erm I have to say it : This is really a getting used to thing.

MKB is great for shooters but not necessarily for Halo because Halo is not a twitch shooter, it’s a shooter that requires you to have good tracking. So you basically gotta unlearn everything you have previously gotten used to playing other shooters.

I use MKB and I’m honestly not very good, especially back when I was using a cheap 15 buck mouse. Recently got a new mouse and am getting comfortable with the game. But in general playing on PC straight up sucks. The optimization is straight garbage, and it’s gotten worse since Season 2.

PS. the reason Halo isn’t growing is because it’s STILL trying to experiment with nonsense no one cares about. They aren’t catering to their core playerbase, they have nothing for new audiences atm and the game straight up isn’t even stable. Games like that will never grow an audience.

you can pay for the world best mouse and keyboard and tack as much as possible and almost never be able to make the smaller corrections that the aim assist does. and halo does not have to be a twitch shooter to be good i want to see the game better for everyone. yea you can say that they are still experimenting but they are really only catering to people who are basically new to gaming as a whole. no one who plays on PC Mouse and keyboard professionally want to play halo because they know even if it feels good you are still at a huge disadvantage when it comes to a controller aim assist because tracking with a mouse is extremely difficult. no update has made the game even a little better on mouse and keyboard and i dont even see plans to make it better

The game may be able to stay top of the charts on xbox but for it to grow on PC mouse and keyboard has to change for the better.

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It is possible to match a Controller player with MKB, it’s harder yes, but it’s not impossible. Your entire argument is that it’s at a disadvantage, which while true, doesn’t make it impossible regardless to play on MKB.

but it does make it basically impossible at a higher level of ranked, such as close or in high onyx or even going pro and tournaments will never be seen and it may be close to impossible to match keyboard and mouse with controller but there are games that do a much better job like apex or even halo reach which I felt had a much better aiming system on controller.

I strictly use controller and its obvious PC users with MnK have a major advantage, dont know why PC users cry about the opposite especially since Infinite actually nerfed aim assist, its harder to aim than any previous halo or any game ive ever played


if that what yo believe than that’s fine but as someone who put 300 plus hours on just mouse and keyboard I notice a major difference but you probably don’t want to see it or just can’t notice how bad it is and its actually easier than other halo from my experience with controller and mouse and keyboard. halo reach had the hard to aim system because it was all up to you but it had strong bullet magnetism.

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im not going to lie, i play competitively and aim assist on infinite is almost non existent compared to past titles. use a sniper on h5 and use one on infinite then get back to me. there are disadvantages on both sides, but im seriously tired of hearing about consoles have aim assist. maybe we do, but i cant tell. maybe mine is turned off? and bullet magnetism in infinite is like an old wives tale…also non existent. maybe my game is broken but seriously im not joking


halo infinite sniper is the only weapon without aim assist and play on mouse and keyboard for awhile and you will notice what someone is talking about . maybe your game is broken because the game definitely has it and I have gone three to four years without using a controller but first day using one on halo infinite I’m top frag in almost every game. I’m not saying that there won’t always be a disadvantage on controller but there are better ways to even the playing field than shutting out a input because some of the community don’t care to use it whereas most PC players only use it

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i really dont notice aim assist on console and sadly i play on PC and console…its barely there if its there when i play. seriously maybe i have it turned off. i dont need it anyways

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You very much do need it on controller or it would be almost impossible to use and it only activate if you are on target so no help with the lead it just takes over when ur crosshair is over an enemy.

im not denying it, i just seriously dont notice it. and im sure i could play without it. its easy on PC without it.

I just wish this was seen as more of an overall problem than just an complaint from the Mouse and keyboard community in the halo community so people would take it serious.

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and if you think its that easy without it shows how much it helps without most people actually noticing. there is a channel on you tube that explain it much better the name of the channel is Critical Infinite and they break down aim assist and how it works exactly.

  • Both input methods have advantages and disadvantages over one another. controller/xbox gets aim assist + red reticle and KBM gets the ability to turn around rapidly and strafe like an absolute madman while shooting faster -when using semi-autos - due to a lack of capacitive triggers.

Having played on both inputs and listened to each argue about which is unfair and better than the other, the main thing I’ve learned is, aiming feels bad using either method. More specifically, aiming feels inconsistent, not as fluid as it should, and its difficult to track people. Also, aim assist in infinite’s multiplayer is the weakest its ever felt in any Halo title and its also weaker than the aim assist in its own campaign. Below is a link to the most informative video I’ve seen about this explaining specifically why it feels this way. Also, if you primarily use KBM, this video may help you improve getting around controller player’s aim assist.
Good luck to you, hope this helps.

https://youtu .be/_UoOQ7o5Yiw

Yea and I watched the video and still play the game and just feel that mouse and keyboard will never be viable in this game so anyone who takes Fps series on mouse and keyboard would never play this game because its just something that will never be even looked at so the game will probably never be popular in the PC community because of how bad it is