Halo infinite, offline only bug

I have been having a problem with this flight and the last one where the game seems to never recognize me as being online, I’ve tried everything I could think of. I’ve restarted my internet, restarted my computer, port forwarded, disabled firewall, attempted to joined friends, and signing in and out of my account.

None of these have helped the problem. Whenever I attempted to join my buddy he said he would see me as both in his fireteam and in my own, and he was unable to join me cause it said my fireteam privacy was closed, and I could not open it. Worse sometimes when the game would attempt to connect me (such as joining a fireteam or opening the multiplayer menu or even just starting the game) it will spam the message “Unable to connect to fireteam” making the menu unusable unless I Alt-F4.

I’ve double and triple checks time zones to make sure I am playing during scheduled test sessions and still experienced it ( My buddy was literally playing BTB while I was trying to fix it). I have even submitted a support ticket but they didn’t have any fixes available for it. I am at a lost for any other fixes. If anyone experiencing this issue has found a fix or workaround please share it with the community. I seen a couple of other post with similar problems but no avail.