I’m still mad about their response to the matchmaking issues plaguing the whole world outside of the US essentially being “We don’t feel like a fix is needed”. Because this, coupled with their own CM calling all of us “Bad Actors” is straight up disrespectful and nothing but sheer incompetence from their multiplayer designers.

How do they “feel like” this game is playing fine for anyone in South America, South East Asia, Oceania, etc? How do they “feel like” this is meeting community expectations?

Halo 3, back in 2007, had settings that allowed players to not connect to high ping lobbies (I can’t speak for H2 since I didn’t play the original version). How is it that, in 2022, I am having to deal with over 200ms ping on 343’s brand new halo? Why is the norm me being connected to an Azure server on the other side of the globe on Europe instead of being connected to the one that exists on my own country? Why is the norm 343 covering their ears to feedback and post on their blogs that everything is fine when it isn’t?

Every other serious current multiplayer game lets me choose not to connect to matches taking place on the other side of the globe, be it due to the game having a ping filter, region selection, server browsers of whatever. Why is 343 still playing catch up to basic matchmaking features already implemented in their past games?

This game NEEDS some in built way to play on your own region, be it through a ping filter, region selection or the server selection already present on the MCC. This game is becoming more and more dead on already low population regions because 343 seemingly doesn’t care.

Unless 343’s whole monetization plan is to only make money out of North Americans they need to fix this as soon as possible because otherwise they are gonna run out of people in the rest of the world.


343’s focus is NA whales. All other regions are an irrelevant afterthought. It wont change, like it never did with all of 343s previous titles. Its actually why I quit playing infinite:)


Yep agreed. It’s unreal how bad the desync is for anyone outside of their own territory - they just refuse to listen or do anything about it.

I keep losing in situations that are near guaranteed wins so often, I’ve forgotten what normal halo used to feel like.

Only game in 2022 that won’t let you pick servers. It’s like we have to be punished for not living in NA.

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