Halo Infinite needs Ray-Traicing!

From the official Halo Infinite demo we had known a lot of things, but some of them had been critizied. The most important fact: The lack of Ray-Traicing.
343 has told us that the Ray-Traicing would come to the game as a patch, but with the recent delay we don´t certainly know if 343 is working on this moment to put Ray-Traicing at launch.

A lot of people see the Ray-Traicing as an innecesary thing, but here I gonna show you why Halo Infinite needs Ray-Traicing.

I´m gonna put this with 2 examples: the first one; Minecraft on the Xbox Series X. From the channel: Austin Evans in march we had a very early look to the console, with a bit of gameplay. In that gameplay, he showed up a bit of Minecraft with ray traicing on, in the comparative you can see how it changes a lot from the original game, the shades are remade and all looks so realistic…
LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Fjn4GRw8qE

Another example more related to the Halo Franchise is the recent release of Halo 3 on MCC PC. In a lot of channels they had submited comparatives of graphics, but I´m gonna focus on only one video. You can look in this video how the fire textures look more realistic, the water has cool effects, and the ilumination is more acurrate. It´s incredible how it keeps upgrading a game from 2008.
LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6A-tEa5-4Vg&t=146s

Now, let´s talk about Infinite, from what I had seen from the demo the graphics are good, but let to much to wish compared to the Halo 5: Guardians. I think the artistic decistions are quite ok, but it looks kind of cartonish, I would love that they had mixed the arts of Halo Wars 2 and Halo 3, it would be a mix of the best of the 2 eras. I think the biggest issue are the brutes (and the poping-up textures, but that is another topic). They look so much cartonish to make fun of (Craig: the Brute). If you compare for example: Scharum´s final design compared to the concept art, it looks weird, and more if you think of the great design of Atriox. He must be a leader, a stunning beast; not a monkey.

I understand that 343 has used an entirely new graphic engine: Slipspace Engine. You can think it is easy to make a graphic engine, but let´s think: the Unreal Engine 4 lated 10 years to be done. This engine is been done in 5 years (something stunning). I think the graphic engine has a lot of potential. But the Ray-Traicing would help a lot to make the game look more real. It can help for the detail and for make things more horrendous (but in the good way). I hope that the recent delay of Infinite is been done in order to integrate the Ray-Traicing in the launch of the game. It would shut up a lot of mouths from the haters.

But what are your toughts? Does Infinite is really gonna have Ray-Traicing at launch? Does Infinite need Ray-Traicing?

I honestly don´t care about the launch date of the game, a pressured game is bad forever; but a delayed game can be good at time.

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