Halo Infinite needs mod support

With the recent acquisition of Bethesda/Activision one thing has become apparent with MS going forward. MS now has crap tons of PC games under their wing, and not only that but games with large and substantial modding scenes (Bethesda is most obvious example I can think of)

Everybody likes to doom and gloom Infinite PC steamchart numbers, they use this as an argument for why it needs to do X and Y that they personally want it to “gee if only this game had playable elites it would be #1 on steam” :roll_eyes: yet they ignore that most Steam games have mod support (Steam Workshop as its called) so I think this would be a huge boon for Infinite especially on PC.

So basically MS will probably want to create their own mod support page, this way if someone has Gamepass (a PC user especially) and want to know what the next coolest mod for their favorite MS game is it would be easier to find. I don’t see this being too popular for MP side of things, because Forge would sort of take up a lot of the room for user generated content, but for Campaign this would be freaking awesome. Users could create whatever their minds (and whatever the engine can handle) can come up with. You wanna see something like Arby n Co. take on the Banished? You wanna see some crazy and epic Scarab battles? What about maybe you think the Campaign is a bit too soft so you want to create one that is more challenging? All this is possible with good mod support.

Instead of going backwards Halo needs to move forward. Halo needs to Evolve.