Halo-infinite needs EASY-ANTI-CHEAT . Gears 5 has it

They need to put EASY-ANTI-CHEAT on or multiplayer is going to be ruined in “weeks.” Gears 5 has it and it is from the same company so there are no excuses

The problem is that any “pc cheater” can play the 3 modes available gamepad only, kb / mouse only and open-crossplay.

Basically 1 trainer can ruin the console / pc experience.

It is urgent that they put easy-anti-cheat or else they will have to leave “GAMEPAD-ONLY” without cross-play and exclusive to XBOX.


Epic Games now owns EAC. And they have a history of acting like an insolent child with industry rivals. Mostly being Valve and Microsoft.


Yeah but is necessary the inversion of money to keep this game alive at least 3 years. So no matter what is the price Halo need easy anti cheat.

In the current state of HALO-INFINITE

Any “novice hacker” trainer can inject the HALO-EXE.

Check out the hacks that any “Hacker X” can do without Easy anti cheat.

1.- Active radar in competitive and with the possibility of “move it far away to see the red icons of the enemies on the ENTIRE-MAP”

2.- Discrete Aim-bot will be 50% -55% accuracy to prevent the system from detecting strange things

3.- Make all rivals “Visible” as the widowmaker ability in Overwatch, bloodhound / seer in apex but … “Permanent”

4.- Infinite ammunition or never reload the weapon

With that they will destroy the multiplayer of HALO-INFINITE and I say “a pc hacker” can enter all the modes “Casual” “Gamepad only” “KB / MOUSE only” and “Open-Crossplay”

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I absolutely agree that we need a form of anti-cheat. But with Epic owning EAC, the chances they would even agree to license it to 343 is probably very low.

MS/343 will likely have to design or find an anti-cheat system elsewhere.

Halo MCC uses EASY Anti Cheat. It hasn’t stopped the hacks at all.

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If cheating gets more prominent they’ll have to implement a kernel-level anti-cheat if they want to take the most strict effort against cheaters.

EAC isn’t perfect, but it certainly raises the barrier for cheaters.

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EAC will stop at least 99% of the hackers, without that any “amateur cheater” will be able to release trainers and sell them for 5 USD.

When you have EAC the hack prices go up until 75 or 100 USD monthy at least that is Apex-legends “prices”

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I’m not sure how effective EAC or any other specific anti-cheat systems is, but I agree that 343i needs to do something to deal with these hackers.

For what it’s worth, 343 has stated there will be “powerful” anti-cheat measures, but they will be implemented at launch.

It’s quite possible some of the data being collected in this “beta” period is being collected to speficially enforce that, come December.

So many cheaters in diamond ranked its annoying as hell. Watching theatre mode proves it too.

I for one hope I can disable crossplay so the “pc master race” can deal with the Cheaters.

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You cannot stop the “Hackers” 100% that is impossible there will always be. But with the easy-anti-cheat you remove 99% of the “Noob” hackers out of the game and only the “professional hackers” could get trainers.

The difference is the price

Without EAC the price of the cheats would be around 5 USD - 10 USD per month “accessible” for all

With EAC the price of the cheats would rise to 50, 75 or even 100 USD per month, which not everyone would pay, in addition to that you must do many “annoying” steps so that the trainer works only someone who REALLY knows what they are doing could " cheat "

Yes, input-based match making and in-game cross-play toggle is what we need. So that we players can decide and do have options.

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