Halo infinite needs a second delay

A lot has happened this days, specially today with the r/halo shutdown and it really makes me sad to see all what has been happening to this game.

So I can’t deny that some ideas have come to mind… Did the game reach that “quality bar”?. The game needs a second delay?. I know that it sounds crazy to say this so close to launch, but I sustain this idea with arguments and I’m open for other opinions, but I believe the game needs another delay mainly for the next reasons:

1. “Not at Launch”: At this point how many times we have heard that something will be available, but “soon” and not at launch, things like other playlists, game modes, assassinations, armor, ray-tracing, elites, extreme weathers on campaign, forge, co-op, etc…
With all this features not available at launch it makes me wonder if we, as consumers, should tolerate this only because Halo Infinite is a “live service” game or we should call it what it is… an unfinished game.

2. The progression system: The trending topic at the moment and instead of giving the reasons of why the progression system is bad (reasons that at this point I think everyone knows) I want to have a little flashback… Battlefront II.

You guys played Battlefront II? It was a beautiful game with awesome gameplay mechanics and so fun to play, but it had a big problem: the progression system and microtransactions. Those two biggest concerns almost killed the game at launch and gave Battlefront II a 2.3 average review on Metacritic, just because of two simple system mechanics that upset their consumers. I feel that we are having a similar scenario with Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer, 343 is risking an awesome and fun game with two big mistakes that even limits them to add new game modes or playlists. And as I mentioned microtransactions, that brings s to the third reason.

3. The microtransactions: Is Halo Infinite a “pay to win” game? No. Are Halo’s microtransactions the best on the market? After all we have seen and read, the answer would also be no.

We were promised since 2018 that Halo Infinite would have the biggest customization system and very similar to REACH, with almost every armor we saw on the entire Halo saga, but… At what cost? Literally thousands of dollars. We all have seen the credits Shop and we all know enough mathematics to deduce that we will need a ridiculous amount of money to acquire that “biggest customization system” and I think that it only makes upset most of Halo fans. The fact to spend 30 usd every week just for certain cosmetics is even worse than REQ packs.
This for me is another game killer, just like it happened with Battlefront II.

4. The lack of content: We all know that the Beta is technically the final game, at least in terms of content, and that we are not getting another Halo Battle Pass until may 2022, that is a lot of time. That also extends the wait time for Co-op and Forge, and who knows how long we will have to wait to get Ray Tracing.

This means almost 5 months with no content at all, with a player base that is already decreasing and with so many problems that will take time to fix (like the progression system) and delay other pending features. The same thing happened with Battlefront II, they had to delay their own free DLC to fix the microtransactions and progression system. That took time and it turned into almost 8 months with no content at all and I feel that the same thing will happen to Halo Infinite.

5. Still not polished: I know that the game looks waaay better than in 2020, but it’s impressive how many downgrades from other Halo games have not been addressed, like the fact that firing guns will no longer generate any kind of illumination, same things with grenades explosions. Also, I know that the illumination of the game has also improved a lot, but it’s just embarrassing to compare the E3 2019 trailer with the actual first cinematic of the final game, after two years of development it stills looks like a downgrade and it’s just because of the illumination, cause the high quality textures are there and I would say that even more detailed, but the illumination still makes some textures look flat and it kills the experience.

So… In conclusion, I believe 343 and Microsoft are rushing the launch of this game without considering the consequences of launching a game with all the problems I have already addressed. And also ignoring similar experiences like Battlefront II and Cyberpunk 2077, situations I don’t want to see with Halo.

I think that 343 should really open up to us into the development disaster of this game, we both deserve one big launch like with every other Halo game. We don’t want another rushed 2014 version of Halo MCC at launch, we want a polished and finished version of Halo MCC at launch, like the one we have right now.

This is what we deserve, what 343 deserves and what the game deserves. Let us have Halo Infinite as it was meant to be and exactly like 343 wants it to be, and for that I believe they just need more time. Would you wait a little longer for the Great Journey?


Bro it’s too late they’re just using hype and nostalgia to make a quick buck. They knew what was gonna happen how could they not? They’ve been through it twice already.


I come to realize after reading what the CM stated and I know the CM doesn’t have a say in what happens with the game, but it showed the ones running this company arent really interested in hearing our feedback no matter how constructive it is, or how many agree with any post nor does it matter how many upvotes one gets. They have made their mind up about what they want to do and there is not anything anyone can do about it unless they are willing to (communicate.)

343 is treating this game like a business that is pretending this is a “true f2p game” that is designed around a shop/battle pass and they are going to do whatever they like and they pretty much said, we don’t care if you like it or not.

How’s that for “communication”, and at this point is it really worth giving 343 any feedback if they said they don’t care?


This is a bad take. I disagree.


There is 0% chance this game gets delayed two days out from releasing. If it were statically possible, I’d say there was less than a 0% chance.


Of course the naysayers were saying this game needed another delay months ago, but it fell on def ears.

Remember when people believed the that it was fine to delay co-op forge because “The rest of the game was done?”. How 343 was ‘so transparent’?

Yeah, turns out it wasn’t. I’m worried about what we don’t know about campaign yet.


Considering all of the Reviews came out very early this morning, and none of them are negative and are all 9.0 or higher, I think the Campaign is going to be a fine experience. Just because certain aspects of the game are not where we want them right now, does not mean that the entire product is bad. Good things can have issues and have bad parts. I am fuming about the lack of Assault and Infection, and the delay of Forge and Co-op did not please me either, but at the end of the day, this game is a business, as are all games. This game unfortunately might have a rocky start, but overall, the future has Infinite possibilities. (see what I did there :D)

Halo 4 and 5 still have great reviews despite their issues.


Halo 4 - Great Campaign. Dog water MP
Halo 5 - Dog Water Campaign. Good MP (if you like fast games, I did not like it, but to each their own)
Halo Infinite - Great Campaign. Great MP. Unfortunately the issues lie more in a bad MTX systems tied to a poor progression system and a lack of Gamemodes and gamemode options. Forge and Co-op are a huge bust but would not be selling points to non established fans, and 343i has made it clear that while this game is intended to be inviting to old fans, it is designed to bring in the next generation of Halo Fans. Thats why those modes were allowed to be delayed.

TLDR: Halo Infinite Good Game, needs more content and a better progression and MTX system. Thanks love ya guys.

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Do I think it should have been delayed up to another year…yes. The ship has already set sail, so there is absolutely no chance of it happening now.

We’ve got what we’ve got, and people can choose to play it, or don’t.

More of the same. No one here is owed anything.


if it goes bang bang its gang gang

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the game is live there’s no way of any more delays, they´ll put all the retailers btwn the gap and the repulsor,
this “beta” is just an excuse for the bugs and lack of content, although I understand why they did it.

also If you think of it this way the more money they make the more likely it will be for them to make a 7th witch I would not mind

What really bugs me is that this was meant to be a Series X launch title. This was supposed to sell the console. They were generous to delay the release, but they definitely needed another 9 months to a year for the game. But I get it, they want to sell the console.
Except the scalpers keep grabbing them before anyone else can!
At this point the game can’t help sell the console because people can’t buy them! We’ve been dealing with scalpers since late 2019! Why try to sell a game with a console that isn’t available?!
For the past month I’ve been trying to help my Girlfriend find the limited Halo Edition Series X, hell, she was literally interviewed by the news (won’t say which outlet for privacy) because she kept searching for it! I’m glad I built my PC when I did, cause I definitely couldn’t now!
Its way too late to delay, but its clear the game needed it.

I don’t see why it needs another delay the multiplayer fighting is completely finished at least the part that they released and micro transactions are more of a Microsoft thing not 343

Co-op is delayed for 6 months.
Forge is delayed for 9 months.
Basic gamemode selection/playlists are missing.
Custom Game lobby is messed up.
Custom Game options are missing.
Theater mode is messed up.

This is putting aside further weapon or vehicle balancing. Also additional maps/weapons and official game modes. That stuff I understand and fine with coming post-launch. Everything above, is something that should/meant to be at launch.
If stuff like that is coming half a year or more after launch, no matter how much fun I am having with what little is currently in the game: the game released too early.
Even though they said they are working on it and we are going to have some fixes soon. If its post launch and doesn’t add something brand new, and its not something relatively small to fix:
The game released too early!


a delay with actual launch literally days away? not possible in the least

Personally I want them to delay the campaign until I can play it the way I have every other halo at launch. With a friend or family.

I understand where you are coming from, but they have released the campaign to influencers, and have been hemmoraging spoilers. No choice at this point even with how close release is. It’s a shame. I bought an xsx to play co-op with my friend.