Halo Infinite Needler

The Infinite Needler has the fastest TTK out of all of the other needlers in the franchise.
save for Halo 2, but that was because of dual wielding.

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The weapon just seems too powerful for what it’s meant to be, but desync could be playing a huge factor.

I change my prior ruling, it’s actually really good. The ISSUE is the hit detection. If the connection is clean the Needler is beastly

Actually I have and it’s needler is a lot more balanced that Infinites right now (looking back though desync might be an issue as well)

no it needs an audio buff i can barely hear the damn thing

The needler needs to be removed from multi-player.
Nerfng it would just make it worthless and taking up a valuable placement is a no go as well.
Not sure how this weapon doesn’t break the “hardcore” aspect of the game that needs to be preserved in every other scenario of the game… But some how the auto pistol is OK?
I just don’t get it.

The needler just needs a slightly slower fire rate.

Because of how its damage output and how the needles supercombine after half-the magazine is dumped into you, I am more scared of a needler than the Bulldog in close-quarters.

I would say that I too far

Why tho? Is it because it is a fun weapon or a weapon that adds something to the game… Or because it has been in Halo from before infinite?

For me personally, I just like to see covenant weapons in the game.

So… Basically just because…“muh Halo”… It’s hilarious and sad how that is so often the answer here… Not whether it should be. Or if it even is a good weapon…just its Halo.


I believe you can repulse the needles. I don’t think it sends them back to the shooter, but buys you a little extra time to get to cover or finish the kill.

I like the needler :ok_hand:

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Are you kidding me know the tracking in Halo Reach that it so easy to take out multiple players, vs the tracking that is weak in infinite?

Sorry, but you make no sense with that sentence.

Are you sure you even know what the needler is?

The ammunition is called blamite that tracks. Learn about the weapons you are using before makings a post.

but knowing that doesn’t really matter as to whether the OP thinks it should be nerfed or not.

I don’t think the OP even has the slightest clue what they’re talking about.

What more is there to explain? Why do you think it needs nerfed? Do you use it? What is OP about it? You give NO reason at all to why the needler needs a buff or a nerf or anything…

I think the needler needs a buff. It’s either op or it’s a complete miss. And it seems like doing melee after emptying half a clip into an enemy doesnt kill them . Buff the gun . Power weapons are supposed to be strong and game changing. Or else what’s the point of taking the time of picking and fighting for it or any power weapon.

It’s an awful weapon to use if 2 enemies are close to each other . It doesn’t hit the target you want to hit.