Halo Infinite Needler

Well it’s kinda hard to see details when your in the moment of playing a game with people who will just kill you for seeing you. So I haven’t had much time to check out small details, other than messing around with the razorbacks cargo storage… As I said i must play around more in custom games to see these details.

Yes, that sounds correct. I really wish projectile weapons had red reticle in addition to the homing weapons.

At least to show their maximum effective range.

No it doesn’t need a nerf

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It’s practically useless, why would they nerf it?

I want it buffed. I like OP weapons haha.

haha, to each their own. but i personaly wanna have fun :3
personaly, the needler is perfect where it is. even if the ttk is quick. the homing trade off is okay


Anyone who offers an opinion like “This needs nerfed” is either crying for attention or has no idea how the game works or the ‘thing’ they say needs nerfed works, because they don’t give reasons why it needs nerfed… People who understand the game can offer reasons why it needs buffed or nerfed.

Care to explain why the Needler should be nerfed? I don’t think it should be.

The Needler plays like that it is no longer a power weapon in Halo Infinite compared to previous games. It takes so many more needles to kill this time around (from 7 rounds in Halo 5 to 12 rounds in Halo Infinite) and those said needles travel so slowly that, often up to mid range, the TTK is going to be essentially around the Sidekick or the AR’s optimum TTK (your two starting weapons in social playlists), such that the weapon is not much worth using at all in my point of view.

I think he probably means its ease of use. Where you dont really need to aim with it or do anything special to kill somebody. Where the pistol and AR require you to aim, hit your shots pop their shield and ideally hit a headshot for the optimum TTK. The needler you just hold the trigger and could probably close your eyes and still kill a person.

That’s true, but I guess that why the Needles have much slower projectiles than bullet weapons such that to increase its TTK in order to cause situations where a player could be killed just before getting a supercombine with it. This didn’t happen so often in older Halo games when the Needler could kill its targets so much faster as a power weapon that it was. If you can actually aim in this game, despite the whole aim assist debacle, then you’re better off not using the Needler at all most of time.

Personally i dont even pick it up as it feels cheap to use. Isnt that the point though somebody has to hit the perfect shots vs somebody bouncing around holding the trigger down, its hard to really miss with it. Its a tough one to nerf though as it could become useless with even a slight change and we dont wanna see that either.

I guess that’s on you. Personally, I wouldn’t pick it up myself since the AR and Sidekick are able to kill just as fast, if not, faster than the Needler, especially at mid range and beyond.

That’s the thing with homing weapons in FPS games; they’re either too weak or too strong. It’s really hard to balance a weapon like the Needler around the others if it isn’t going to be a power weapon of some sort in this game like it was before.

The second you see pink things flying at you, you should know that you need to take cover or die. Any decent player should know this. I find it funny there’s so many nerf threads when it usually comes down to people being out of position against certain weapons.

Think sword is overpowered? Don’t get close to someone who has one numb nuts.

Think needler is overpowered? Don’t stand in the open at short to medium range when you visually see pink needles coming at you.

I’m not saying everything is in its perfect state, but for the most part I think the weapon balancing is pretty fair.

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Well thats it a good player could possibly kill a needler user faster or at least get the trade but a bad player will lose that fight everytime and the guy using the needler doesnt have to be good or bad with the gun to get the kill.

The only gripe i have with the swords is now that the old one shot kill at sword lunge range is gone bull true will be harder to get… But that’s more of a gripe about the current shotgun…

I think the general point here is that the sword is a power weapon so supposed to be overpowered and the needler isnt a power weapon but feels like one. The whole map control with power weapons with something like the sword, you know when its spawning, it’ll be a focal point for your team when it does. If the other team has it then you will think of things like positioning, knowing somebody has it. People arent preparing themselves for the needler user whos just grabbed it off the wall for free.

Everyone literally spams the weapon and gets insta kills(noobs and pros alike). What more is there to explain? (desync may be an issue right now though)

It’s literally perfect as it is

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Someone never played Halo Reach.