Halo Infinite Needler

The needler needs to be nerfed

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I disagree.

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No it doesn’t.

Sorry, I’m not laughing at you, but the “balancing” in this game is why there are a few weapons/vehicles that actually need a buff.

Oh I totally disagree; it’s homing needs a buff, right now you can literally just walk perpendicular to the needles and they won’t hit you.


I find needler a weird gun. It is either completely useless or it erases you in a second…

They need to fix servers and many guns will start working fine imho.

Granades the same. I noticed that shock granade is usually on different place than it is displayed. Eg it is like 20m from me yet I am taking dmg already…

No idea if only EU servers are this bad though.


The needler is very strong and extremely easy to use. Just point in the general direction of somebody, hold the trigger, jump around, guaranteed kill. It does need a nerf but we dont want to start making weapons useless again. Feels very scrubby in its current state.

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No more nerfs
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what kind of needler are you going against?
the projectile speed and rate of fire is so quick to kill. the homing is good, no change is needed

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The homing isn’t perfect, and it’s only useful at short ranges learn how to counter weapons… I play social and I don’t see the needler even used that much over the AR if anything the AR needs a slight nerf to it’s effective range.

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What’s really disappointing about the HI Needler is that it’s supercombine doesn’t appear to do any damage to nearby enemies… What’s the point?

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That was a thing? (20 character limit)

Needler is great at a shorter medium range. Use it at anything longer at it is worthless unless your opponent is unsuspecting. No nerf.


I’m fairly certain the only people complaining about the needler are not paying attention to their radar or their surroundings, and for that I have to quote “Master Gun” from halo 2. “Move around a little get a feel for it…” The only weapon i see as a long time halo player that needs nerfing even a little is the AR and at that only the range…

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I disagree and I actually think it could use a slight buff, or maybe a re-work.

Currently it’s range is too short. If you’re on the edge of it’s red reticle range you’re not going to have any luck with it. I think even a small 2m buff to it’s RRR could do wonders for it’s effectiveness.

it has a red reticle range??? I think they removed that in PC

I also play on PC and it’s one of the only weapons that actually has a red reticle.

Edit: The Skewer doesn’t even have a Red Reticle, although it really should as it can tell you how much you need to lead your shots by. Killing Spartans with it now is basically RNG unless they are standing still or charging.

Guess i’ll have to play around more in custom games then.

Yes, in Halo: CE, the needlers supercombine did splash damage.

Hmm never really noticed.

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All weapons which have homing mechanic have red reticle
Needler, pulse carbine, plasma pistol if I name it correctly :slight_smile: there might be some more. But these 3 I am 100% sure there is…