Halo infinite need pace TTK and movement. Battlepass

Es good, but it fills like halo reach and Halo 4 multiplayer. The TTk on some guns need balance. Like BR small adjust with Fire Rate, return lung on Gravity Hammer feels to slow, not on the hit, when it come back on hand. Ravager (Sorry but it’s trash). Battlepass, more (exp) for how much great you do on the game, cause it fills eternal. Level it up.

The movement feels like halo reach and halo 4, version 2.0 , diferents how halo 5 multiplayer, Sorry most people will hate this but, it was very good the mechanics (except) for spartan charged. And the reload of the health shields. How every halo was.

Hope, that you guys can do a mode, not to changed nothing vital, cause the community accepted, but like a fast peace Halo 5 multi, mode with same thruster, movement. (Excepted spartan charged). I do like it but, H5 was very good an multiplayer if your competitive. And in H5 you guys did a play mode with H2,H3 mechanics. And thats how no affecting the all the community and people that like H5 will have good time on infinite.

I played since it launch H5 multi, still grinding on it , and i did played halo since Combat evolved. So i’m not a new player that started it On H5, but the mechanics changed and like it better then the other ones.

:slight_smile: That my opinion. For the game.