Halo infinite narrative team

After reading this I think this new narrative team seem to really get what halo is all about i definitely think that wasn’t the case with halo 5 and after rewatching the halo infinite trailers im excited for the story


Halo 5 had a decent storyline but the main issue was how they tried to make the storyline darker. They did insist it would be one of the darkest titles in the series but it just felt forced a little. And the way John was overshadowed was a major turn off for the campaign. Don’t get me wrong, I like Locke and the rest of Osiris but they could’ve balanced it better between the two teams. I have confidence in Halo Infinite as I do with all Halo titles.

I want moar

I’m cautiously optimistic about Infinite’s story, I have faith we’ll get something enjoyable.

I agree, it does make me hopeful. However, talk is cheap as we learn from the Halo five advertisement campaign. I am optimistic, though