Halo Infinite: My Feedback

I’ve never written feedback about a game before as it is a small input that rarely ever does anything, but let us see if this actually is seen by someone with administration power that can alter the change of the game. As far as Halo Infinite goes, the graphics are beautiful, the gameplay is nice, and the overall experience of the game is OK. But that does not mean that it is perfect. There is a couple of issues that stood out enough for me to make this post which is not very common of me to do so unless I am extremely passionate about something I’ve been waiting for a long time.

Starting off, during multiplayer gameplay, there is, in my opinion, a large imbalance between several weapons. I am unable to exactly determine what the main cause of this could be but I’ve decided upon two main thoughts as to why this imbalance is at hand. One of the possible reasons this imbalance is being created is due to the assault rifle being too powerful. The second possibility of this imbalance being at hand is due to other weapons being far too underpowered. This is being directed towards weapons that we have never seen before until Halo Infinite. This is one debate that is problematic and should be looked at.

The other issues involve the order of rewards in the season pass such as a helmet attachment being received first and then the helmet which is compatible with about 30 levels down the line. Maybe I’m looking at it wrong but it does certainly seem like that is the case.

Other issues I’ve spotted and decided to give my input about involve small problems which reflect my case only and that is such settings that allow me to choose what audio input/output devices I would like to use. If I’m not mistaken currently it is the input device that is able to be chosen where output is not an option to choose. I do understand that this output device is chosen depending on the computer’s settings but other issues arise involving certain devices. If the audio output was a possible option, it would remove this issue and allow for a more DIY fix.

As far as anything else goes, that is all I’ve seen to be problematic in my few hours of gameplay so far. Hope this is something other players are going through as I’d love to see these problems fixed or altered.