Halo Infinite Multiplayer Thoughts

The game is fun and overall is a blast (minus SWAT which is a nightmare overall, I’ll get into that), but there are things that need to be addressed IMO. Lack of game variants at launch is pretty low for a Halo game at this point. We can tell that the maps were designed with the lack of playlists in mind, most of the maps are not designed to work for SWAT for example, SWAT on Behemoth is a nightmare, that map is not designed for SWAT and needs to be removed from SWAT playlists. There are few that would be optimal for 2v2. So we can see that the maps were designed for the playlists that were available at launch, and not designed for what was missing. So I think maps will need to be added to reflect playlists better.

Playlists that should have been in the game at launch:
4v4 Slayer (ranked and unranked)
4v4 Slayer/Objective (ranked and non-ranked) (Within the 4v4 we can have: Shotty/Sniper, Snipers, Elimination, Assault, King of the Hill, and Juggernaut)
8 Player FFA (ranked and unranked)
BTB (ranked and unranked)
SWAT (ranked)
2v2 (ranked)
MLG (ranked)
Infection (unranked)
Fiesta (unranked)

I think that if the game variants had been planned better the maps would reflect it better. But I’m sure more maps will come, so we will see. Now for my real feedback.

Changes we need:

  1. Melee, it is hit or miss weather or not your character performs a melee lunge. A big fix is needed here. I think that a lot of this has to do with lack of player collision, people are passing through people instead of melee’ing them. Bring back player collision. I think that it should never have been turned off.
  2. Remove glare from anything that isn’t a sniper, a BR should not have glare.
  3. Turn off enemy player outlines. This ruins multiplayer, it is too easy to see people across the map and makes it frustrating to fight at a distance, and when shooting at range and two enemies are close to each other the outlines mess you up. And with modes like SWAT, enemy player outlines encourages camping, they just have to aim for (insert color here) outline the second it is available. This takes away from stealth play and hurts peaking corners/ramps. Enemies should not have outlines at all. Keep the friendly ones and let us see our teammates, but enemy outlines need to go. This has made SWAT go from a very fun fast paced match to a campfest.


I have three ideas about how to deal with player outlines, and I really think 343 needs to implement one of these:

  • Keep the game free to play and keep friendly outlines on and turn off enemy outlines.
  • Charge for the multiplayer game as part of the campaign, turn off ALL player outlines, and go back to Red v Blue (or whatever colors you want to help color blindness).
  • Turn off enemy outlines in ranked and either a) keep friendly outlines on to support player customizations, or b) ranked goes Red v Blue (or whatever colors you want to help color blindness) and removes all player outlines.

As far as color blindness, if that is an issue, then allow for players to pick the colors of ally and enemy teams instead of red v blue. But to be fair, the fact that the shield animations and outline color are all the same, I doubt that it has anything to do with color blindness, as it just looks like a mess and is hard to see shield status. Go back to gold/yellow shield status, with the option to change the color for color blindness.

end edit

  1. Fix audio sounds, can’t hear enemy footsteps at all. Have never heard any teammates in game ever. Even ones I know are using in game chat. I had an enemy use a grav-lift behind me with no audio to indicate it. I had a guy sprint up on me from bnehind with no audible footsteps.

These first four changes I think will make multiplayer feel a lot better and closer to what Halo should feel like. They are my biggest complaints about multiplayer. The rest are rest of my feedback is either non-matchmaking related and/or smaller feedbacks. The core game is good, but the main four issues above are things I think need to be addressed.

  1. Weapon balancing, some weapons are a little underperforming, the new shotgun and hydra are two good examples. The hammer needs a slightly faster swing time. The MK50 needs a slight buff. The Ravager is just bad. There are more, but you get my point.
  2. Bring Back old weapons, the old shotgun was a good counter to the sword, the new shotgun is terrible. I really hope that old weapons get brought back into the game.
  3. Add a real progression system where we can unlock stuff, level based system that reflect our overall gameplay outside of the current season. Add armors to achievements as a reward for playing.
  4. Fix vehicle driving, the handling is not great.
  5. Do something about vehicle spawns, the random spawn thing is not fun.
  6. Merge the armors together and let us mix and match from all three armor sets.
  7. Fix spawning, I have spawned in LOS of people way to often.

Here’s my list:

Ranked arena

Ranked slayer

Ranked 2v2

Ranked FFA - 8 player

Ranked swat

Unranked below:

Quick play - objective and slayer




I think this is the max you can get away with because there shouldn’t be doubles of everything. Ranked and unranked would be too many playlists but I think everything above is absolutely essential

If you’re using a headset, try changing the output on the settings to windows Sonic. I’m on series x but it makes the sound work for me. Had the same issue as you but now I hear directional gunfire and the volume is dependent on distance. :slight_smile:

Only things I doubled up on is 4v4, 4v4 (with objectives), FFA, and BTB. The rest I listed as either ranked or unranked. My way has 13 play lists, you can make it 12 if you throw fiesta into the 4v4 (with objectives) playlist. That gives plenty of casual playlists and competitive playlists that will please pretty much anyone.

I’m on PC. The rear sound is awful, and you can’t even hear team chat.