Halo Infinite | Multiplayer Overview

If you did not see it yet here is the Halo Infinite | Multiplayer Overview


I’ll admit, I’m more optimistic about what I’ve seen. Feels like they built off of classic Halo. Still don’t know how to feel about sprint, but as long as it’s toned down, I can live with it. They really need to make sure Forge is there at launch.

I copied this a few times, because I’m not bothered to type in a “new” perspective … but below is what I have posted on previous review posts.

I’m very worried about the “Free-to-Play” aspect, because as we all seemed to have forgotten, this game was delayed after 5 YEARS OF DEVELOPMENT, and now being on 6 years of development time.

There is a catch to this “free-to-play” aspect, and I’m sure MANY FEATURES WILL BE DELAYED FOR “FUTURE CONTENT.” I’m not sure that 1 year of being delayed was “Enough” for them to “fix” the game from the state it was 1 year ago with the whole “Craig” debacle, and I’m fairly certain that modes or features will be absent. Because the game is “free-to-play” they have more of an incentive to throw out the game and provide “updates” in the future, and in a way try to avoid how Halo 5 launched in 2015. Remember that Halo 5 launched very unfinished, taking 1 month to add Forge, 6 months to add Infection, and almost 1 year to add Oddball. And they called these releases “Updates” to the game.

The more and more I look at the video, I see an unfinished game, along with broken mechanics that were seen before. I see Infinite as Reach + Halo 4 fused together. Armor abilities and ordinances, all mixed into 1 game. The grappling hook is the new “Jetpack” , breaking the game by allowing verticality and movement that brakes map control and pacing. Remember that one factor for Reach bleeding the series was the introduction of Armor abilities like Armor lock and Jetpack, which made firefights redundant, allowing to be cheated out of a kill or being rewarded for map control by not earning it by cheating to places on the map with a “fly button.”

And again, for the past 11 years we have said “NO SPRINT,” and they still they pack it right in saying “it will work this time, I’m sure.” I’m worried about the Overshield and Invisibility pick-ups, because again, it throws map control and “power weapon/ability” mechanics out the window. As now your team is not timing a “push” or “controlling” the resources on the map, but its who gets to hoard an ability and cheat out someone out of kill by pressing the “Overshield” or “invisibility” button, just like the Armor lock/Invisibility armor abilities did.

I’m really REALLY worried how the state of the game is. I will play it because its “free-to-play” on the first few days to try it out, but I’m correctly assuming here that because of the Reach + Halo 4 fusion, I will quickly leave this game and go back to playing Halo 2 and 3 on the MCC.

It’s really sad to hear that 343i HAS NOT LISTENED to the feedback of its loyal Halo community AT ALL.