Halo Infinite multiplayer is unplayable due to cheaters

40% of the ranked multiplayer games I play seem to include cheaters.

For example, I just played a game and our team was winning by a huge margin. All of a sudden, one of the players on the opposite team was running around popping headshots with the sniper.

In theatre, I noticed the player was looking through walls, when their team was close to defeat they pause, then starts dropping lots of kills, all headshots.

I don’t feel like I can play this game competitively as this is a regular occurrence.

Does anybody know if there are any plans to disable crossplay, or better yet, add an anti-cheat?


I’ve not seen that kind of cheating going on in Halo Infinite. That kind of cheating is why I left COD Warzone.

I don’t know if I have come across a cheater in Halo yet, I can definitely tell when I’m up against Mouse & Keyboard players. I only play social to do challenges and I remember one game where this guy with the pistol was not missing a single head shot and the rate of fire was insane. I thought they were perhaps using a macro which clicks the mouse button 10 times in a second or something. Or maybe he was just awesome.

That said, that’s why I like ranked, you can switch it to controller and not to face a party of greater than two which is good. I am knocking on Diamond ranks door and I am not the greatest player, just consistent.

I do hope they kick out any cheating that goes on, it shouldn’t be allowed in any game.