Halo infinite multiplayer customization

So with the wait for the next game to come out I’ve been going through the rest of them and found that out of all the games that let you play as an elite the best one is H3 and with the next game on it’s way I wanted to see if anyone else in the community would like to see the return of playable elites in the original H3 but in the next gen graphics and it would be great to see what kind of new elite armor they could come up with. So let me know what you guys think about this idea.

totally on-board with playable elites
i also want the chopper back

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> totally on-board with playable elites
> i also want the chopper back

I agree it would be nice to see it in the graphic design

Yeah, I’m not sure why they even removed playable Elites, we’ve had them since Halo 2, and the only game to not have them between then and Reach was ODST. I mean, a few people complained it didn’t seem fair because Elites had regenerating health, but honestly, I didn’t really care.

On top of this, with the influx of player created factions based on the variety already present in the lore, I think it would be reasonable to include Brutes as playable as well. Armor styles ranging from Prophet led Covenant, post war Covenant, Swords of Sangheilios, Banished, and as a long shot, maybe Ussan.

Hey OP, for playable elites we already have a megathread than can be used for that

Regarding customization, we also have some existing threads on that subject and the existing wishlist threads that can be used :slight_smile: