Halo infinite multiplayer Aim assist needs work

Feels like the aim assist is kind of weak in this game there are times where it works and there are times we just doesn’t work at all

When enemy gets to close the aim assist somehow turns off and you have to track them manualy at close range by that point you’ve already lost the gunfight

Yeah the aim assist needs to be looked at

or there needs to be Aim assist options in the game

I’m on Xbox one by the way


I’m on pc and controller. The aim assist has never been easier. I barely move my stick


Aim on controller is definitely busted in some way. Shield pop drops aim assist, I’ve also heard jumping does as well.

Things I’ve noticed/heard make aim inconsistent:

  • Shield Pop
  • Jumping
  • Hardware (older consoles)
  • Netcode
  • Strafe acceleration
  • “Accleration curve”
    The list goes on.

It’s really killing the game for me. I want to play this game. I really do. However my aim going crazy in the middle of a fight is incredibly frustrating. Had little to 0 issue in other Halo Titles in the last 20 years.

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According to many posts on here and reports online, PC controller aim assist is stronger than console…how they managed to balls that up is beyond me?! If it was intentional then…why?!

I play on Xbox One X and the aim assist is minimal at best and not even noticeable during a gunfight…but then the fact that you can feel aim assist go off completely when shields pop is beyond comprehension.

I haven’t played on PC so I can’t verify if the claims that their controller aim assist being stronger is true, but there are too many reports out there to dismiss it as just a rumour.

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