Halo Infinite Multi-player Mechanics

I viewed over the multiplayer showcase a few times and noticed a couple things that I think could completely change the game itself.

  1. Grappling. It seems that while grappling is (in my opinion) a very interesting and fun mechanic soon to be added, I noticed that you could possibly grapple onto other players. Do you think this could change from now until official release because it might be too overpowered? Or does it seem to be fairly balanced?
  2. When you shoot someone, their armor flashes in the specific area where they get shot. I think that this is going to be great for both training and multiplayer combat as it will allow you to properly know just how much damage the enemy has most likely taken.
  3. Supply drops/vehicle drops during combat. I assume that they will be randomized and there most likely won’t be set locations for drops every game and as the match continues. I’m curious on how rare the drops are, what sort of weapons are dropped, how powerful weapons/vehicles will be from drops, and if more drops will be given in the area of a losing team to help even the odds.

These are just a few things I noticed and was wondering if anyone else was curious about too. If you have questions or want to talk about the topic feel free to chime in. :slight_smile:

1- Seems to be fair for now but we have to see how people use it. I think it could really bring in some counter play to air crafts being a big threat with the new “Grapple Jack”.
2- Looks good to me, less uncertainty to where a shot might have landed.
3-No idea how they will come into play. If they are supplied to the losing team or something along a system like such it will be interesting to see if it can help bring a team back.