Halo Infinite MP Stats on WayPoint not showing

Am I blind or is WayPoint missing the MP stats for Infinite where as it has all that info for H3, ODST, Reach, CE: Anniversary, 4, 5, and MCC …I mean it is nice that it has the Battle Pass progression, but the Stats are more important to me then the BP Progression…again I could be missing something on the website

It’s not there, just use Halotracker. Com

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thats kinda dumb…shouldnt have to use an external site


They’ve even removed the stats so they can plug the BattlePass ‘progression’. Just bad

This feature will probably launch on December 8th when Infinite officially launches.

The API that halotracker uses that 343 supplies them is confirmed broken by many sources. K/D ratio and game history don’t display properly. Not to mention the broken legacy page that has been broken for many years.

That is what I am kinda thinking…really hope so, would be extremely weird if it didn’t.