Halo Infinite MP ideas: Attrition game mode.

Hello there guys, i really do have high hopes for Halo Infinite and i really do want it to succeed an bring back halo to a must have game for any person into videogames. I’m kind of scared we’re gonna get yet another slightly different battle royale type of game mode into it, and i believe that’s a huge mistake. We need something more and revolutionary, something properly next gen.

You guys heard of Attrition from Titanfall? Imagine that, but 10 times bigger. I’m gonna disregard the lore and time Infinite takes place in for simplicity:
The map is gonna be big, think PUBG, Blackout, Fortnite etc., and there are two factions, human and covenant.
Each faction has both actual players (Spartans, Elites) and AI grunts (marines, comparable covenant species). Player count’s gonna be something around 32vs32 or 24vs24, depending on what works best.
Each faction has radiant objectives scattered around the map (blow up this, capture this, hold this, hack this, save these, infiltrate this), something along the lines of the campaign, Players are divided into teams, each with their own objectives, Depending on whose winning, the objectives change until you’re supposed to clear the map from the losing faction, basically eradicating it from the field. There’s probably gonna be tickets, points or something like that. Game ends based on tickets/points or a time limit.

Lots of non fighting transport vehicles at any given time back at each faction’s main base (plus basic stuff like tanks and helis), clearing objectives grants your team bonuses that go from specialized AI troops (odst drops, hunters) to strong vehicles (Uber units from HW, can’t recall the names). Having an extra AI exclusive faction (or limited to a single team of players), the Prometheans, roaming around the map with their own objectives could be fun too. So you’d have a three-way fight, and you could use them to balance the odds a little bit, annoying the winning faction in certain points of the map. Respawns could work like battlefield, meaning you get to respawn on your team leader. If the whole team gets wiped, the team leader picks the respawn point and everyone follows. If the team leader is down, you are granted the possibility to respawn on one of your teammates. You get basic weaponry back at base, plus specialized armories around the map. Team could get points granting them special weapon drops and whatnot. What do you guys think?

EDIT: sorry, accidentally posted it halfway through.

EDIT2: Each map could have its own theme, spanning the entirety of Halo’s timeline (we’re talking infinite here after all), adding a new one maybe once a year? It’d probably be better if it was free, DLC’s would split the community and that ain’t well received nowadays. Needless to say, each game of Attrition’s gonna be different from the previous one: different objectives, different main bases placements on the map, something you won’t get tired of. Something that’s new but familiar at the same time. People will be able to join mid game, but whoever leaves early gets a time penalty for matchmaking Attrition modes, since it could seriously hamper a team’s chances of success.

This sounds like a bigger, more advanced version of Warzone Assault. I think it’s a good idea, especially having A.I. and a large map because I tend to be pretty bad against real players (which is why I play Firefight a lot), but if the map is big enough I can still contribute to my team without worrying about dying every 10 seconds.

Btw, I wouldn’t worry too much about a battle royale mode in Halo Infinite. 343i has already said they’re not going to do one, and I’m ok with that because I imagine br mode would take a lot of time and effort to make balanced maps and keep tweaking things to make sure everything is balanced. I’m hoping that instead they just give us the option to do a singe-life free-for-all elimination mode and then we can let players make their own battle royale maps in forge.

“One BR to rule them all.”

I like the idea. Sounds like a bigger Warzone match, which I am sure 343 is currently making.

I know this isn’t really a BR mode, but I do agree with AgithaSeesYou. If 343 builds a solid forge mode, then the world is our oyster. If they give us a blank slate like forge world, but bigger, we can do whatever we want. I think that is what they are going to do. Basically handing the keys to the people who will spend tons of time making amazing game modes. I already see the impressive H5 game modes through forge.