Halo Infinite MP humble impressions of an ordinary player

The game is without a doubt, dynamic, fast, dizzying, and fun, I’ve been playing it since it came out.
Clearly, a level of skill is necessary to be able to keep up with the competition, but it is not impossible.
Anyway, to this day and months have passed and having reached season two (by the way, I bought both battlepasses) I still have the feeling that it has a competitive level strict enough in its gameplay to keep several players away.
I know that several are going to criticize me, because I have to practice and that’s it, and be a better player. But the truth is that I work and study every day, all day. When I can play games, recently I dedicated as much of my time, will, and ability as possible to complete the weekly challenge, and when I complete it, BOOM! I realize that they add one more challenge to you … How much more do you want me to play, to be able to unlock even ONE simple cosmetic for my character? How much more of my time do I have to give them so I can earn things on my own? when I don’t have time…
The level up in season two seems slow, I used the XP Boosters I had in my possession to help, but they seem to be useless, weird.
The main mode of “Interference” is, for me, and I clarify that it is my appreciation, mine, of a level that seems "professional". Laugh, but I die fast, and I have to wait for the game to end, because if you leave you LOSE progress and you don’t add experience or level. Although the game, through a window, warns you that there is no penalty, I have already tried to leave several times and I do not add anything, neither the experience, nor the points of the game. For me there are problems, personal, difficulty, skill levels, and progression.
Now I don’t remember specifically, but it seems to me that some game mode has disappeared.

Well, one last comment, I love Halo, TMCC is great, its campaign and its multiplayer. And Halo Infinite is the last campaign of a video game that moved me to the bone. And the multiplayer despite some dissatisfactions is great.
But in TMCC, in the MP, I enter, I play, and there is no requirement from the game to be competitive. It is, I know, and many have plenty of skill, they do impossible things, it’s not personal, don’t get mad, you. What I am saying is that there is a base of the game that is obviously fun-oriented. I don’t know anyone who gets furious playing TMCC. Halo Infinite on the other hand, feels different, in their games everything feels like a professional competition, the matchmaking feels uneven, clearly there is a formula to be better, and win and blah blah blah. But there are times when I feel that in order to even have a good time I have to be something I’m not, a Halo prodigy…I’m not.

Point aside, and end. Many will tell me to go play another game, as I usually read that they respond to players like me. But don’t you think that this could be the problem that there are no players? It’s the same problem that you cry to 343 for, that problem that I myself have noticed when waiting 5 minutes for a quick game. One thing is the flaws of the game, it has them, but I say that there are things that limit the ability of people to continue playing. 343 has an obvious position, and the community will have to take responsibility also if the game dies, not everything depends on the developers.

I liked the staging of Season 2, the Lone Wolves theme, the narrative event. They have to make sure to order the interface so that eventually the cinematic material is not lost, and that it is an ordered recurring element and it is not lost, because it is narrative cinematic material, it has to be well registered.
But the progression feels wrong, from my ignorance, lack of experience and skill, I tell you something feels wrong. XP boosts don’t work, matches are mismatched and feel like world championships to me.
Players hide and let everyone die, it’s a shame. There are people who cheat, they don’t die after being shot a THOUSAND times, or they kill you with one shot, or their bullets go through walls, or they know exactly where you are.
Challenges upon completion should end, not add one last. I have already played and dedicated hours to complete a f… challenge and they add me more, and more, and more and more and more and more.
They have to make the game fun. Better matchmaking would help. TMCC is about fun, Infinite I find it hard to admit, I’m looking for fun but I find something else. u.u

I am going to stop here, I have bought Infinite, I have paid for their battle passes because I think the company deserves the support, and they should continue working on halo, new seasons, new stories, etc. But many things feel bad, I know they know, I wanted to share the version of someone who is not a Master Chief in the game, but someone normal.

—Those who prioritize mockery and disdain, save the comments and go elsewhere—

its very true what you are saying and i agree, i had one time a cheater who immediat knew where we were, when we spawned the cheater came in 3 seconds like knocking on your front door and i also had that bullets went through walls, i think pc and xbox should be seperated because of pc there are a lot hackers cheaters and fake players messing and interfering with the true players

Halo has become something that still isn’t quite same boots in the dirt.

I recommend playing tactical slayer and not stopping till you walk out with at least 10-15 kills a game. Why? It forces your instinct aim right to a Spartans head. You’ll get better at sliding or hopping corners and finding out which is best to do and when. Pre-Nading corners, reloading in proper windows, ducking and hopping around to disorientate and confuse opponents.

I believe it’s time for Master chief to rest. That it’s time for our mp Spartans to take the charge and let the MC be a leader to new Spartans training.

Spartan ops was going somewhere. We now know the game can do open world. We’re testing to see if it can handle 4 player open world co op.

I PRAY THAT MY HOPES AND DREAMS are right about something and THAT my friend is this;

FireOps. Open world fire fight with scaling objectives and exfil.

I think the reason we haven’t heard anything about fire fight ,commendations or any real ranking system that isn’t the garbage one we have now is all without implementation till they can at least get some form of social games and PvE game modes set up.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m nuts.

You have a lot of VALID very WELL thought out arguements.
HOWEVER, og halo fans are here, we’re waiting and watching, playing and talking. MCC was not a cake walk for years. 5 was garbage and to many unplayable for a year or two as well.

343 is not focused on social players btw, so don’t feel discouraged that you’re also not good enough. Sure the tips above can help, but these lobbies are sweaty and they’ve been the sweat lobbies since 3. Social games like infection sumo, duck hunt, grifball, swords (if they’d feature it again) are all about fun and adrenaline. Halo has never been… Moderately paced? Even in large scale FFA in 3 when maps felt huge; you weren’t alone for long.

The current state of halo is not for halo fans, and it appears like you’re newish? Recently midterm player? Idk. But this isnt the kind of halo you come to relax and enjoy. I mean, sure there’s bots, but who wants that?

Since 5 saw the boom in HCS that’s all that the MP and hell even FireFight became (looking at you warzone and 4, with your non private fire fight lobbies) sweaty.

Sorry if I seemed ranty. Tried to cover as much as I could