Halo infinite MMR system question

I’m curious how the MMR system works exactly? I play with a friend who is not as good as me and despite him being in D4 playing with me in Onyx lately he doesn’t seem to rank up. 80% WR the day we played and I must have went up 100 points and he was stuck at D4 still. I even made a new account to try and see what was going on and got that to Onyx as well with him and he’s still D4. I’m guessing because I get first on team usually and he doesn’t it gives him no gain, but even so beating onyx’s at d4 should give you something and shouldn’t go down alot for losing to them. He isn’t terrible either usually gets 2nd/3rd …At this point there is no reason for us to play together, atleast until he gets Onyx which is a bummer.

Your “MMR” is a curve - with an average value and a width. The system never assumes to know your actual rank - just that it somewhere on the curve.

If your curve is wide you will tend to rank up quickly. This is what happens during and after placement.

As you perform consistently your curve narrows and begins to resist change (up or down).

Your friend probably has a curve that is narrow / locked to their rank. Which is what it is supposed to do. TrueSkill2 is confident that are D4. They need to go out of their way to prove to the system they deserve to rank up by beating teams ranked above them.

Your curve sounds like it was still wide and volatile. You can still move up - but also down. The system is essentially saying it isn’t confident enough in your rank to start locking you down.


Thanks for the detailed explanation, can make much more sense of this system now :+1: