Halo Infinite mission spawning.

I personally dislike Halo 5 always starting missions in new sectors. We are always dropping from a ship or something did you notice? I hope we could at least continue from an area we ended from a previous mission. Made missions feel more adventurous and less Black ops

it would make campaign transitions smoother and less jarring as well as enhance the feeling of continuity, but if the level area ends then you gotta move on.

cough - Truth and Rec. - cough - silent cartographer - cough - 343 G.S - cough - Outskirts - cough

I get what you mean though. It can work with some scenarios where you finish the mission still trying to get somewhere nearby but if you’ve activated the big glowing tower on this side of the ring and now need to go all the way around the ring to another tower, then you kind of have to open the next mission in a dropship otherwise we’d lose story by having it pick up in the middle of a firefight. Unless you’re up for a real-time Halo ring roadtrip / convoy?

First time I’ve heard mention of something like this and it’s an interesting take on what might make the campaign more interesting. I guess for me, I didn’t mind that we were dropped off somewhere for some missions.

I thought it might have been just 5 initially, but all the older games have this too. However, all games have a mix of missions where you’re dropped off somewhere for one level and then continue in a similar area for the next.