Halo infinite mini map

Like is it just me or dose the halo infinite mini map feel really small. I keep dying to one or two people who are right behind me sprinting or shoting who just doesn’t show up on the mini map while in the other games this wouldn’t happen most of the time, so I really hope that 343 increases the mini map size from 18 meters to like the regular size 25 meters

Many of us who were present in the technical tests just passed share your assertion.

I also feel that it isn’t only too small of a sensor radius, but that it also feels physically small on the screen. I play on a 32’ TV at ~95 degree FOV (specifically changed in Halo Infinite’s console version settings, not sure of the level of importance there since I hadn’t tested to see if the size changes with FOV or not) and I have to turn my head slightly to see the thing - whereas in the games in the MCC it’s easier to do a quick glance over with the eye rather than a turn of the head. Just feels better in the other games.

In a game like Reach, I can see the motion sensor in the corner of my eye. In Infinite I cannot. Feels bad man.

Agreed; I too hope they increase the tracker range to 25 meters. With sprint being brought back, 18m is much too short; it was my biggest complaint about Halo 5’s multiplayer settings too. Also, the aiming reticle sizes were much too small as well, particularly with the Warthog turret; hoping they’ll allow greater customization of HUD elements, such as size & placement. The UI text size adjustment option was much appreciated, & it’d be great if they continue on that track of allowing players to adjust more things. More options are always a good thing. :slightly_smiling_face: