Halo infinite Microsofts ideal service product

I know if you’re reading this you’re a Halo fan regardless if we agree or disagree. But from what I’m finding with this Halo is instead of pulling a 5 and lying about the storyline. They lied about multi-player. They knew the ones if us who played 5s multi-player, for the last 5 years on and off. Would play no matter what they did. Now they spend 10.5 million dollars on a game. Say customization is earned through battlepass not via store. How expansive it is. And basically flash all these cool things to “not grind for” to “earn how we want to play” but everything I said is a flat lie. They have a good multi-player and went free to play, so I can understand selling cosmetics. But the prices and customization itself -Yoink!-. The bullet magnification -Yoink!-, I’ve been shot through floors walls etc if you get a headshot that’s fatal. The bullets will track you and kill you. And the precision weapons are trash, you can sway, crouch shot sway do whatever that’s fine if I actually miss. But a br shouldn’t take 6 shots to kill you with body shots, considering the AR fires the same round. And the challenges I’m all for it Its not a massive grind. But it’s tedious, playing gamemodes I don’t like, getting challenges for guns that I ironically can’t get a kill with only when I have a challenge for it. Btb score challenges when btb doesn’t even -Yoink!- work anymore, a certain gamemode that you will not get for 7 games. A broken melee system. And some of the worst maps. It pains me that I play this game honestly from cat eard Spartans, garbage coatings that replace the custom color scheme that worked since 2005. This Halo is honestly a pile of dog -Yoink!- I can’t sit down and just enjoy a game. Because you don’t gain any xp from that… You’re forced to playing ranked solo where the teams team up more than in open matchmaking. Forced to play ffa on the worst ffa maps to date. Forced to pick garbage colors. The freedom that Halo once had is dead and more of my Halo buddies are quitting the franchise than ever before and honestly after 20 years of giving Halo my money and time I think I’m almost ready to give up on the franchise.