Halo infinite melee system issue

Close combat is a gamble when you are trying to use the lounge mechanic. No guarantee it would work and it becomes unreliable most of the time. Please remove it or fix it.


The fact that there’s no player collision makes meleeing real though. Most of the time when I try to melee, I end up passing through the opponent…

Anybody else?!


Yeah the melee along with a bunch of other mechanics just are incredibly inconsistent that is the main issue in this game consistency


Melee hits are obscene in this halo they’ll only register if the center part of the reticule is right on the target if you’re even off by a pixel it wont register, there is no more near miss = hit, like in old halos and its highly irritating. and like the OP said the lunge mechanic is broken AF.

Same here I’ve been back smacked from the front bc the other player threw his punch when his character model phased through mine, yet I only popped his shields bc i punched first.

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