Halo Infinite: Megablock/News based Speculation

So for a lot of people, many are excited for Halo Infinite. People truly believe that this game will have everything… Judging by what I see currently from Mega-blocks and other recent news and the constant Halo: CE, Halo 3, and Halo: Reach vibes, yeah, I can agree. I also am lead to believe that playable Elites are finally returning which is a MASSIVE selling point for me. However, there is some things that I would like to ask and preferably get some reassuring hints or answers as much as can be expected at this current time.

So, let me start off by asking what’s with this Grappling hook thing that people have recently been talking about? I don’t know about you but I made a post about this concern on Reddit and it got 932 upvotes for a random like myself so I think many must share this concern. That concern being, what does this mean for Halo infinites gameplay? If gameplay is like Halo 5, this game will possibly fail. We cannot afford a repeat of that game, NOT EVEN close. I want to stay as clear as possible from something like that EVER! Hearing about something like this seriously makes me worried about how this might affect gameplay or multiplayer and other things like design or Elites. I bring up Elites again because, something like that, I wouldn’t see the issue with an Elite using their own grappling hook however, you and I both know 343i likes to crap on Elites pretty badly. For instance, did you know that Elites in Halo: Reach MCC can’t even use Armor effects right now? Which they could in the original. Obviously it needs to be fixed but my point still stands, which is… Whatever changes or “revolutionary” changes they make, it will and could easily affect other aspects of this game outside its intended purpose if you catch my meaning.

The other thing I want to touch up on is the elite design based on Halo Followers recent video where a Elite action figure looks different than the Elites from Halo 2A Campaign and Halo Wars 2 design, BUT, at the same time, it doesn’t look like a Halo 4 or 5 Elite… So I’m confused. I really like Halo Wars 2’s design of an Elite. It had the perfect size, shape, I mean… Just everything would have worked so well with Infinite in terms of Gameplay and Art-style. But it doesn’t look quite recognizable and why change the design again just for experimentation? In my honest opinion, yes the photo caught on the internet is extreme poor quality, but you would think I would be able to recognize it very easily. A-las, that is simply not the case. My thoughts for 343i in that matter. I hope you didn’t change it AGAIN dude… That would be pretty, for lack of a better word, kind of stupid. Ultimately, what matters in this regard is playable Elites period, However I would prefer to look, sound, and move like an Elite. You know what I’m saying. Elites look very brutish in Halo 5 and 4 and Elites are NOT brutes. So please don’t make em like that, in ANY way. A few Tips: When I think of words to describe Elites, I use Elvish (LOTR Style), elegant, graceful, stealthy and deadly, Honor-Bound, Agile, quick, and Incredible fighters. After-all they were inspired by a very revered and fierce warrior back in Ancient Japan. Even Halo Legends gives an Elite samurai armor.

Ultimately Halo Infinite and like 7 or 5 priorities right now:

-Customization (This Includes playable Elites without question or second thought)
-A damn good story (A good Campaign)
-Solid and balanced Multiplayer, this also includes a BALANCED focus on Casual/ Core and Competitive play. This is not a game purely built for pro’s. It’s NOT all about Esport’s (I also wouldn’t mind Elites being allowed in Ranked… NOT Spartan vs Elite, but there is nothing wrong with Elite Vs Elite, that would be cool to see at-least once)
-A correct and properly fitting Art-Style that majority if not all would love that the Halo franchise was known for. So far Halo Infinite looks pretty promising in that regard
-Having everything ready at launch and feeling like a complete game to start off. (This definitely includes Forge, theater, customs… whatever It may be)
-There is obviously much more but I guess my last one that I will list here is good music like the old days, that emotional and deep music. Satisfying Audio effects too? :3
(Hearing that Crisp reload and silky voices XD)


I know that I havn’t covered everything DUH… I also want to point out that when I said “That this game MAY have EVERYTHING”, what I mean is that this next Halo Game will actually be a Halo game, Like it will gain its relevancy again, like the old days. Before you say “You need to get off that Nostalgia.” let me clarify, this has nothing to do with Nostalgia. There is such a thing as good or bad changes/ additions, to a game. Like Gears 5 for example. Gears 5 mainly in terms of Cosmetic taste and overall some serious Gnasher issues. Imagine this like a skin or cosmetic. Imagine having something that looks really cool right, like Armored Kantus or Officer Elite, then 343i comes along and gives you a Swarm characters that isn’t what anybody asked for, and looks disgusting… Not trying to be mean or rude. Just trying to give a analogy if you imagined these games like a skin or piece of cosmetic. Obviously something like Armored Kantus is going to gain a lot more popularity than a Swarm character from Gears 5. Again, my simple point being, In my personal Opinion, that 343i Halo games have not been at all like Halo but more like it’s trying to copy games like CoD AW or every other Esports major trends and etc…

Let me know what you guys think and 343i please feel free to respond.