Halo Infinite "Medals Progression" overhaul concept

Hello everyone. I’ll be sharing my thoughts and ideas on the current progression system in Halo Infinite. Feel free to share yours as well.

After completing my weekly challenges I quickly realized that my progression has grinded to a halt. The daily challenge xp rewards suck, and take too long to complete after awhile. 5 games for 150xp? REALLY?

One of the biggest changes that people want to see is per-match xp gains, I believe there is no perfect balance there when it comes to the xp amounts gained, I believe you will get too much and breeze through the pass or get not enough and still level at a snails pace. So I came up with an idea that could maybe find a bit of a middle ground. MEDALS! I thought that perhaps having xp gains tied to medals would be a good way to encourage better gameplay and give reasonable amounts of xp depending on the type of medal or how difficult it is to obtain. In my mind something like this could work maybe with a few tweaks or changes.

I will be going down the list of medals on Halopedia and giving examples on the amounts of xp gained from them could be. Give your own ideas or changes down below. Remember, these Medals are also stacking upon other Medals and will be affected by xp boosts, which is why I chose to go with a relatively low amount of xp per Medal.

Double kill -5xp
Triplekill -10xp
Overkill -20xp
Killtacular -25xp
Killtrocity -25xp
Killamanjaro -30xp
Killtastrophe -40xp
Killpocalypse -45xp
Killionaire -50

Killing Spree -10xp
Killing Frenzy -15xp
Running Riot -20xp
Rampage -25xp
Nightmare -30xp
Boogeyman -35xp
Grim Reaper -40xp
Demon -50xp
I am most unsure about spree medals because the amount of xp gained for getting higher tier medals may be unrewarding but as I said come up with your own ideas :grinning:

Weapon Medals are relatively easy to obtain and should be around 5-10xp per medal

All That Juice -15xp
Always Rotating -15xp
Clock Stop -10xp
Flag Joust -5xp
Flawless Victory -20xp
Goal Line Stand -15xp
Stopped Short -15xp
Straight Balling -15xp
I feel Objective Medals should give more xp across the board to encourage more objective play.

360 -10xp
Achilles Spine -10xp
Autopilot Engaged -15xp
Back Smack -5xp
Ballista -5xp
Bank Shot -15xp
Boom Block -5xp
Bulltrue -10xp
Chain Reaction -10xp
Cluster Luck -10xp
Combat Evolved -5xp
Deadly Catch -5xp
Death Race -10xp
Dogfight -5xp
Driveby -10xp
Fastball -10xp
Fire & Forget -5xp
Flyin’ High -5xp
From the Grave -5xp
Grapple-Jack -5xp
Grand Slam -5xp
Guardian Angel -5xp
Hail Mary -10xp
Harpoon -5xp
Hold This -5xp
Interlinked -20xp
Killjoy -5xp
Kong -5xp
Last Shot -5xp
Lawn Mower -10xp
Mind the Gap -10xp
Mount up -0xp
Mounted & Loaded -10xp
Nade shot -10xp
Ninja -15xp
No Scope -5xp
Odin’s Raven -10xp
Off the Rack -5xp
Pancake -10xp
Perfection -15xp
Pineapple Express -10xp
Pull -5xp
Quickdraw -5xp
Quigley -15xp
Ramming Speed -10xp;
Reclaimer -10xp
Remote Detonation -10xp
Return To Sender -15xp
Reversal -5xp
Rideshare -10xp
Shot Caller -10xp
Skyjack -5xp
Sneak King -10xp
Snipe -5xp
Special Delivery -10xp
Splatter -5xp
Steaktacular -20xp
Stick -5xp
Whiplash -5xp
Windshield Wiper -5xp
Yard Sale -5xp
Lots of 5s and 10s here and even a 0 sheesh, that’s because of how easy it is to obtain some of these medals and it would be too easy to level if they gave too much.

Well that’s it, I was very unsure on some of the medals due to how hard or easy it is to obtain them and how much xp you could potentially get with double xp. Post what you would change down below or even your own ideas on how leveling could be improved. Until next time, Spartans.

This is not something I believe needs to happen as soon as possible. I think this is something that could be potentially implemented in future seasons and updates. Other temporary methods to fix progression could be implemented sooner, such as, increased xp gained from daily challenges, increased xp gained from weekly challenges, or decreasing the cost to level up from 1000xp to 500xp.


This is my thoughts exactly on a progression overhaul. I actually have a similar topic discussion on my profile page.

a few others and I have discussed potential solutions to the progression issue, and we were overall all agreeing that medals are the best, most rewarding, way to go. You are welcome to hop into the discussion if you wish

Also, it seems that you put a lot of work and time into this and it is very impressive! Great Ideas!

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