Halo Infinite makes me sad

It’s hard to put into words how much the game disappoints me, I’ve been on the Xbox since I can remember and play halo but something like this hurts…
I first played on the Steam version, but I couldn’t remap my buttons. That’s why I switched to the Microsoft version, where my cam got stuck in the first round. So I leave the match, immediately a ban, for a quick game …
Why are you changing a Working System? Nobody wanted new weapons in halo, they all play horribly. Fiesta in Halo 3-5 was my favorite mode, in halo infinite it just scares me off.
There is also no balance between MKB and controller. As a MKB player it is almost impossible to get a perfect, but if I connect my controller for only 5 minutes, I have 2 of them.
No question, I don’t want to give controller gamers a nerf , but PC gamers also need help in Halo because of the long time to kill, whether that’s a bit more bulled magnetism or a weak aim assist.
I don’t want to be forced to play with the controller, because after 5 years playing MKB it’s just a lot more fun.
Sorry for my bad english, i am not a native speaker and i used a lot of Google translator