Halo Infinite looks amazing

So glad 343 decided to make a truly next gen Halo game. Love where they are taking the game visually! 5 years of development & little to no info leading up to the game has truly paid off! Are you guys as hyped as I am?!


I’m just laughing at everyone who thinks the game is going to flop because it’s pre- release graphics don’t “look next gen.”

343 has a proven track record of great visuals, even though their past art direction wasn’t my favorite. I expect many odd these issues to go away before or shortly after launch.

I haven’t posted it much because I’m not trying to stoke console wars, but nothing Sony has shown off has really been very ground breaking either… and I think the underlying engine for Slipspace is leaps and bounds ahead of anything Sony has in their first party lineup. I Hurst don’t think we’ve been directly shown or told much about what it can do.

I am super pumped for Infinite!

Please no trolling