Halo Infinite local multiplayer guest accounts?

Hey all,

I booted up Halo Infinite wanting to play some local multiplayer. However, I’m reading you can’t play local splitscreen multiplayer unless both accounts are signed in as Xbox accounts. Right on the support site it says you can’t use guest accounts to play on the same Xbox.

Is it just me or does this seem a bit shortsighted because it’s something that is already supported in MCC? Now, I have to try and remember my wife’s account login information from back on the 360 (or create a new one for her).

Am I alone on this being a bummer? I’m still going to play the heck out of the game. It’s just unfortunate that when my family comes over for Christmas, they’ll all need to sign in with Xbox accounts (which only one of them has).

It’d just be nice to play local multiplayer with up to 4 people without this hassle. 343, excellent job on the game so far. I really mean that. But, can someone on the multiplayer team find a way to enable guest account sign in on a single Xbox?

Please tell me I’m not alone with this sentiment!