Halo Infinite lets you waste double XP while servers are down

Yeah right when the servers went down I used a Double XP boost and haven’t been able to play a single match with it while it’s timer wastes away, these are technically PAID ITEMS mind you, since you can only unlock them from the Heroes of Reach Battle Pass having been upgraded.
Such poorly designed items.
Pretty lame…

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It lets you waste one even when the servers are up. It really needs to only count in match time. Burning the timer in menus, waiting for match starts, etc is just poor design.

i played one game before servers shut down with the boost and it didnt even give the double xp, i expected as much.

You shouldn’t have used it then if the servers were going to go down now shouldn’t you? Lol

If it really bothers you so much, you can probably get it refunded with a support ticket…

Don’t worry we will get 5 XP bonus for BTB being down a month /s

How would I go about submitting a support ticket for this? I can’t find it on theHalo support site…

Either scroll to the top of this page, then at the very top of the screen, click the ‘SUPPORT’ link


Use this:

I know where the site is, I just have no idea where to actually submit a ticket rather than just reading the problems they think I might have


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