Halo Infinite LASO Saving Issues

I’ve been playing LASO Legendary on Infinite.

It’s pretty disappointing they don’t show if your game is saving or not considering how glitched the campaign can be. I’ve meleed so many enemies to make sure I’m at full health/shields to no saving at all. Doesn’t matter if I back track, find a spot that saves no problem on non laso legendary.

The work around for this should be if you finish a mission, Atleast save the game in the event the melees or skull aren’t working right.

I know I’m not the only one. It’s pretty easy to not get hit and melee enemies when you are capturing fobs.

Even the FOBS have issues with enemies near by and not letting you capture. Enemies get glitched in Ramps etc. When there is 3 enemies or less for more then 2 mins they should mark them on the map even if it’s laso because clearly they may be glitched.

Update #1 — was able to get it to save past outpost tremonious to the tower. Did that trek the same way 3 times without saving. Fourth time still couldn’t get any outposts as they said there were enemies nearby when there weren’t. So no outposts done. They need to fix these phantom enemies at outposts


Completed LASO tonight and agree it should show you on screen when it saves checkpoints.

No need for that to be invisible due to blind skull


Sadly the save system is awful. I’ve been on my LASO run and yet because I decided to take a break it wiped my entire progress for the LASO run despite the fact in-game it said saving progress. From what I can gather I’m supposed to complete the entire mission in 1 go regardless if I have do other stuff. The logic of 343i’s makes no sense. It’s like Iron skull only exists if I choose to take a break despite the fact that there is no iron skull. :pensive: :sob:

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saving after every mission removes a key point of LASO. though i agree not having any way to know if you need to melee/if you have a recent save is annoying.

Saving is on a timer in LASO. If you aren’t at full shields when the timer is up, you miss a save. You’ll notice this if you keep dying in one area and loading the last checkpoint, eventually you’ll get a different checkpoint around 10-20 minutes. It doesn’t show when it saves, for the same reason nothing else shows, like buttons you need to press, because you have no HUD due to skulls. It’s not bugged. It works as intended.


Thanks for the replies.

I know why it doesn’t show when and where is saves. Except the game is bugged so it’s frustrating when it doesn’t work properly.

The campaign is a broken mess when it comes to fobs and enemies. Continued issues with capturing fobs. Watched a few laso streams and saw the same issues happen.

The saving issue persists but I continue forward slowly.

I have really enjoyed the campaign after multiple play throughs on a couple gamer tags I have. I merely want this thread to be seen as an issue to help fix bugs.

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Roughest save revert I experienced on LASO was when fighting Escharum, when I died I’d revert to before the Jega fight.

I had to fight them both like 6 times, haha.


Finished LASO and yes the checkpoints were a pain. The only way to do it is to kill everyone but a grunt in an area. then melee them to death and wait for shields to recharge. which should trigger a check point save. Works 80% of the time. After beating a fob, base, HVT or mission I would go grunt hunting just to trigger the save.


I ended up finishing LASO on my main account finally.

Many repeated treks of 20-30 minutes or more where check points wouldn’t save. I know my health was full because I would always leave two grunts alive and melee them both.

My other extra account and helping my pal at his place yields wildly different results. My extra account saves all the time. I’m about 75% through.

My pals who I help sometimes gets saves in the middle of a mission or out in zeta in the middle of a fight on laso which means imminent death. Often times we have to figure out how to run out of a battle which can be tough on laso

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Although there was some frustration, easiest way I found was to leave grunt till last, whack him, find a quiet spot and it saved fine, cut scenes were really helpful in seeing what my shields were like.

It’s kind of the point with blind skull that your totally blind, at least there is no iron skull lol


I would like to add smth

I collected some spartan cores and put them in the Shield Module After crucial Fights. Like After house of reckoning area 2. Looks like that this resets your Shield. I had always a Checkpoint then.


Finally finahed laso :blush: Harbinger was a nightmare, ended up going into 1st room on upper floor that opened & camped out in there through the waves making sure to punch last enemy a couple of times to get checkpoint.


That’s a good tip thanks. So basically save a spartan core until just after a really tough boss fight, then use it to upgrade your shield ability. Nice!

I keep dying during the fight when she’s tossing the blue homing bombs or whatever they are called at you and it starts the whole encounter over for me, I’m guessing checkpoint glitch bug?

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I had that, that’s why I backed into a room on upper floor, kept dropping new ealls any spare moment to block her balls, it took quite a few attenpts as she moves around alot

If your on the final fight I used the spartan dash fully upgraded and the hidden Tank cannon gun. Every dash cloaks you and you can infinitely dash so your constantly cloaked. Lets you get in close with the cannon fire of a shot or two then dash away cloaked. Enemies will generally go to were you last were.

the whole point of LASO is that there is no saving after every mission, and no HUD to help you know if you need to melee or not. infinite LASO is extremely easy as it is. there is no point to LASO if you take all the challenging aspects out, I don’t know why people complain about this. the workaround can be 343 fixing their damn game.