Halo Infinite LASO problem

I just finished this morning the LASO campaign and didn’t unlock the achiviement. I hope 343 and Xbox solve this. The last I would like to do is complete LASO again. :frowning:

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Achievements are buggy right now. On my first play through I got only a few of the story achievements despite beating it. I ended up getting them on a second playthrough. I’m not saying you have to redo LASO, but it is a possibility.

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Did you skip any segments in your laso run? I completed my laso run and got my achievement. Did you god mode it and skip half the campaign if so you must redo it.

No I don’t :frowning:
Even if it would be for the less than 8 hours achiviement it’s not necessary

The other day I jumped back into my post-campaign save, and had chevos pupping up constantly for things that should have come up during the story.

Try loading up your LASO save and just messing about for a bit, could help.

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I’m gonna try this, thank you for the tip

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In that case… so hard to do it again if it’s necessary

Not gonna lie, I beat the story by day 2, and have jumped into the save at least a good 7-8 times since then to go for collectables.

So if it doesn’t pop up when you jump back in, try doing it again after a few days, and after challenge resets, as that might help too.

I pressed continue on my game and didnt have any skulls active, so I quit and reloaded with them on… hope that didnt kill my laso run. but that may be part of the issue. it seems like pressing continue instead of load and then choosing the save file has a pretty fair chance to just not activate one or more of the skulls. so if you made any progress with one missing, or maybe even loaded in at all with one missing, it may just not work at all. kinda scared because im pretty far in.

Same thing happened to me but I noticed immediately when I had a hud, and quit out. When I loaded back in it had all the skulls. Beat it, and got the achievement

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Hi guys I’m going to make my own post but I think I know the issue that is happening.

I have beat LASO also and now was on my second attempt but stopped as I realised the problem was happening again.

The issue lies where the campaign itself is changing the difficulty of the odd mission without you realising it.
For the guys that have completed LASO if you go on your map and press Y you can see the difficulty in which you completed the missions and I guarentee that one of them won’t be highlighted as legendary. This is the issue, the campaign is changing the difficulty by itself!

I completed LASO on first attempt then realised outpost tremonious was only highlighted as normal completion. This is a huge bug!
I thought ok I know the problem so I will try again, I got to mission the spire and once I completed the mission it says I only finished it on easy! Wow! What a waste of time.

I didn’t press continue either I just went into my save every time under load game.

I think 343 needs to fix this ASAP or release a replay mission button.